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My G50-45 won't turn on

My G50-45 Lenovo laptop won't turn on. If i hit the power button I can hear the fans ramp up and get loud with a blank screen and then it just turns off. To be more specific I am plugged in because my batteries dead, once I charge it and click the power button the fan turns on and gets loud with nothing displaying and then the fan just cuts off after a few seconds. Please help me



Bit Torrent
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Re: My G50-45 won't turn on

On the left side of your laptop, between the AC Adapter plug and the fan vents, there is a small recessed button called the NOVO button.   


With the laptop turned off, use a pen tip, or paperclip to gently press and release the button and see if it will power up to the NOVO menu. 


Normally I would say unplug AC, remove the main batter, and unplug the CMOS battery for a few minutes, and then reconnect everything and try booting, but on that model I believe you have to nearly completely disassemble it to reach the CMOS battery, which is under the plastic to the right of the RAM nearest the CPU when you remove the back cover. 


Best of luck,

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