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What's DOS?
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Registered: ‎10-12-2011
Location: California
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New G470. Frequent loss of WiFi, Volume, Power cord, and function

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I'm a translator and I work from home, so my laptop is my livelihood.


2 months ago I bought a G470, and immediately the WiFi kept disconnecting. I'm talking about 30 times per hour. I have to right click on the wifi bars and troubleshoot to reset it, despite applying the fixes recommended in this forum.


My biggest problem is that the power cord breaks off, and in order to not lose my work, I've resorted to removing the CD rom drive, because this is the only way to remove the screws and open the laptop frame in order to stick my finger inside the laptop to push out the connection out, in order to plug in the power cord.


Yes, I  cannot have the CD rom drive in there at all, because if the power cord gets accidentally unpluged, it means that I have to open up the laptop to hold the grey square box out so the power cord can connect.


Today the volume started sliding down and turning off on its own. If I have sound going, it fades to zero. Once I put the volume up, in 2 seconds it goes down by itself.


The screen also freezes daily. I could be just checking my email, or translating a document, and the whole laptop goes grey and a little circle appears, and it takes 5 minutes for it to "unlock" and start functioning again.


I can do without sound, I can do without a CD rom, and even a faulty cord, but I absolutely need the laptop and wifi to work!


At this point, I think this laptop's a lemon. Would there be a way to send it back and upgrade for a higher quality product? ... or at least if I could stop the screen from freezing and the wifi from having to be reset 30 times per hour.

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Registered: ‎10-11-2011
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Re: New G470. Frequent loss of WiFi, Volume, Power cord, and function

got one g470 too


maybe your affected by faulty intel chipset there is a thread about that


is the warranty still apllying even if you unscrew it ?


-- g470 s103t
Lenovo G470 | Model Name : 20078 | M fg Date: 11/03/23 | BIOS: 40CN23WW(V2.09) 06/20/2011 | CPU: i5-2410M | Linux version 3.3.4lenovog470+ (root@lap) (gcc version 4.6.3 (Debian 4.6.3-4) ) #8 SMP Tue May 1 10:23:48 CEST 2012

Lenovo S10-3t | Model Name : 0651 | Mfg Date: 2010/06/08
What's DOS?
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎10-12-2011
Location: California
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Re: New G470. Frequent loss of WiFi, Volume, Power cord, and function


Faulty chip thread? I should look that up. I had only done a search for wifi problems, but the screen freeze is also frustrating.


Honestly, I don't know if it affects the warranty. I was working, and the battery ran out when I noticed that I couldn't plug in the cord because it was broken, and my laptop turned off.


Since I had no battery, and a tight deadline to meet, I ran for a screw driver to be able to push out the connection and finish my work.


What can we do? I bought my laptop in California, but I'm out of the country right now, and I can't be without a laptop for weeks and weeks, which is why I haven't sent it in for repair.


This is the first and last time I buy a Lenovo.

What's DOS?
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Location: philippines
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Re: New G470. Frequent loss of WiFi, Volume, Power cord, and function

I have also G470... its good but now my wifi suddenly gone. when I check the device manager, the wifi adapter was not there.. I tried to reinstall the device driver but nothing happened... any help? urgently needed.