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Paper Tape
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New Lenovo B570 - Screen black at power on



Lenovo B570 - I've had this for a couple of months with no complaints.


However last night when I tried to power up the screen remained black. It appears that the power is OK but the screen wouldn't respond.


I removed AC connection, battery etc and tried again but it took a few attempts (maybe over a dozen) before the screen eventually responded.


This evening exactly the same problem but, unfortunately, repeated tries have not been successful this time.


One key recovery had exactly the same result - or, perhaps, lack of result.


Not sure if this is common problem but appreciate any help. 



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Re: New Lenovo B570 - Screen black at power on



If you aren't even getting to the BIOS screen (press F2 for BIOS setup)  and the Ideapad screen, then it certainly isn't an OS / driver issue.   It is probably a hardware problem, but if you can get it to come up again and go into BIOS, try the option to "reload BIOS defaults".  


You could also troubleshoot a bit by trying to connect to external display and see if you get an image there, even when you don't get one on the LCD.   Does the HDD activity light flicker and otherwise give you the impression the system is loading windows just without the display?   If so, it sounds like LCD, display cable, or possibly video system.


In the end, you are probably going to have to call service.   I'm glad the system has been solid up to this point, and I feel confident that service should be able to repair this for you quickly.


Keep us posted!


Best regards,



Paper Tape
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Re: New Lenovo B570 - Screen black at power on

Thanks Mark


It does seem to be powering on OK - apart from the screen. I'd already tried with two external monitors with no success. Being unable to access the system reduces trouble shooting options.


Call to service brought a number of suggestions I'd already tried so it's being collected for repair.


Have quite a reliance on this so it's a massive inconvenience on such a recent purchase but hopefully there will be a quick turnaround on repair.




Fanfold Paper
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Re: New Lenovo B570 - Screen black at power on

you better back up all data immediately, mine did the exact same thing and now it wont power on at all. dead after 2 months

Paper Tape
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Re: New Lenovo B570 - Screen black at power on

B570 is same as G570 right?

I have same issue. And I called 18774536686, no one pick up.

I' m tried to complain it. I will buy a new labtop but no more cheap lenovo

What's DOS?
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Re: New Lenovo B570 - Stuck at please wait

I bought a new Lenovo in June and about 2 months after I get the please wait screen. I have reinstalled the Operating System many times and it will work fine for a few days and then go back to the please wait screen. I just reinstalled it the last time 3 dyas ago and it is doing it again.

What's DOS?
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Re: New Lenovo B570 - Screen black at power on

I purchased my Lenovo B570 new last July (of 2011), and this May it had this same problem.  I was able to use it with an external display, but the built in display never worked after the problem first appeared.  I was in Japan at the time, and when I returned I sent it in to Lenovo to get it fixed (on a new extended warranty I had just purchased).  They replaced the motherboard and when I got it back the first time, the power button didn't work at all, so I had to send it in a second time.  Needless to say I was not impressed.  They again replaced the motherboard, and this time when I received it back (in the end of August), the problem was fixed, but I noticed the left hinge had become damaged, with loose parts of the case.  Just today the problem has spontaneously reappeared, and I again cannot get any response from built in display during any part of the boot sequence or use (I am currently typing this message on an external display).  Clearly there is something else defective in the hardware, be it a bad or poorly seated cable, damaged hinge, or what I can't tell, but I will no doubt have to be sending this in AGAIN to have the same problem fixed (and they likely just replace the motherboard AGAIN, only for this issue to arise AGAIN sometime in the future).  It must be cheaper at this point for me to just receive a new laptop rather than 3 motherboards.


So anyway, why is this issue resurfacing like this?  Is there anything I should be doing to handle it?  Can I have any assurance that the repair service will do more than blindly replace another component, and actually make my extended warranty worthwhile?  This is really beyond annoying having this issue surface again, particularly with the school year just starting up.


Note: I did download the hardware service manual at one point at inspect all the connections on the motherboard myself, finding nothing suspicious to my untrained eyes and lack of proper troubleshooting tools.

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