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Paper Tape
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Newest B490/B590 BIOS update not working

I own a B590 (20208) with Windows 10 (64 bit).

I tried running "BIOS Update Utility for Windows 10 (64-bit), 8.1 (64-bit), 7 (64-bit) - Lenovo B490, B590" and got the following message: "This BIOS is only for Lenovo B490. Are you sure you want to update the BIOS on this machine ?" and "Your machine does not match with this BIOS. Update process will be halted."


The readme attached to the .exe says 

Updated Date       2015/8/6
Software name      H9ET92WW
Support models     B490/B590
Operating Systems   Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit
			   Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-bit
			   Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit


Paper Tape
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Re: Newest B490/B590 BIOS update not working


Same issue here,I hoped that the bios upgrade should be solve the problem, but the "official" bios isn't working, nicely done again.

I need to renew my battery, thirdparty isn't available due to lenovo lockout ... right, I've bought a genuine lenovo but this isn't working too ... nicely done



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What's DOS?
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Re: Newest B490/B590 BIOS update not working

Its been months since this was addressed and it still doesn't work? Im getting the same error as the origional post. No comment by Lenovo other than a moderator editing a comment to keep things conformed?

What's DOS?
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Re: Newest B490/B590 BIOS update not working



I have the same problem.


Following the H9ET90WW that wasn't able to install due to a different error message (described here), we are still unable to install H9ET92WW.


Can you please have someone from Lenovo check this one out? I had a high esteem in Lenovo''s products, but if similar experiences keep piling up, I'll have to took elsewhere, sorry.

Punch Card
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Re: Newest B490/B590 BIOS update not working

It really is a pity that lenovo doesn't answer to this problem nor solves it!


Now it is half a year that this problem persists. Many software packages from lenovo are problematic in many respects. Not just the BIOS Utilities. My esteem for lenovo has also heavily suffered in the last year.

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Re: Newest B490/B590 BIOS update not working

First of all, just for FYI this is a Peer to Peer forum, not an official support channel.  Most of the people here are fellow users, who try and help with suggestions or links to solutions where available.


Looking at the thread, and the posts contained I have a couple of thoughts:


  • Most times replacing parts in branded notebooks with generic parts can produce issues.
  • So called "smart battery's" have circuits inside that monitor the battery, control charging / discharging and report error conditions to the OS or connected hardware, and are not "generic".
  • If hardware is required to be "branded" for use, inserting generic rarely works, and worse can cause damage when used.

I would suggest purchasing a replacement battery from Lenovo thru channels, then contacting support by phone for followup if needed.


For those with BIOS issues, what problem are you attempting to fix or correct with the update?   Most of the time updating the BIOS can cause more issues than fixes and should not be a used as a general band-aid approach in problem solving.



I do not work for Lenovo, I only provide suggestions based on my personal willingness to help others. All advice and comments are based on my experience, and do not reflect Lenovo policy, terms or conditions.
Punch Card
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Re: Newest B490/B590 BIOS update not working

I don't know what battery issues have to do with the problem stated here in this thread?!


It's also not the question which problems should be solved using BIOS updates. The question is, why there is an error when trying to update!


I cannot speak for others but I personally hope to fix an error when booting from legacy CD-ROMs. I always encounter read errors when booting from a CD I have burned with Nero in Windows on my B590. All my other systems are booting from this CD without problems. And I'm also able to read the whole content of the CD on the B590 within Windows. The B590 just doesn't boot properly from this CD. I suppose this is a BIOS problem.

Former Employee
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Re: Newest B490/B590 BIOS update not working

Unfortunately, B490 and B590 laptops are unsupported by Lenovo for Windows 10.


What this means is when Windows 10 became available for testing prior to release, the development team found Windows 10 would not run properly on it for one or more reasons that could not be fixed with a driver.


Here is the list of Lenovo Supported Systems:


The Windows 10 notation has been removed from the BIOS download page as well to prevent confusion.


BIOS Info screenshot.png


Lenovo recommends rolling back to a previous Windows version to prevent major features of B490 and B590 laptops from being disabled.


Thank you,


Punch Card
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Re: Newest B490/B590 BIOS update not working

Is this an April Fool? Are you kidding your customers?


Do you really recommend to downgrade to Windows 8 for solving this problem? This is coming a bit late 8 month after microsoft automatically updated all our B590's to Windows 10 automatically! And what has the BIOS to do with the operating system?


If the B590 doesn't work with Windows 10 why have there been a lot of drivers for Windows 10 on the Lenovo Software page until now. Suddenly all these drivers have disappeared! Why do you revoke your Windows 10 support 8 month after windows 10 was released? And if you knew that windows 10 will not work on B490 and 590 before it had been released why didn't you inform microsoft about this issue? So the B590 should not have been upgraded to windows 10! Now all this comes much too late! I am really STUNNED about this!!! Bearing in mind that my notebook is just 2 years old.

Paper Tape
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Re: Newest B490/B590 BIOS update not working

Hi CBH, a friend of mine has a laptop that has a messed up keyboard. We thought nothing of it until I copied something over to their pc using an ext usb drive. The next day after plugging the drive back into my pc and turning it on, the exact same problem with keyboard, appeared on my pc. Now I want to reflash my bios (as some forums suggest malware that infects the bios and affects the keyboard) but I too get a message that my pc (B590) is not compatible with the bios file. Please advise. Thanks

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