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Paper Tape
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One Key Recovery - Partition and back up - confused

Hello all,

Yesterday I purchased a G550 2958 H2Q. I'm hoping one can share some information. I went through couple of threads before posting this. If this posting is not appropriate here, consider my apology.  I am not a techie and never used Windows 7 or One Key Recovery.


1.  I insisted at the store  for a Win XP Pro installation but store keeper said he can't install and this model doesn't  comes with WIn XP Pro. He also advice me to create a recovery disk to be in the safer side. He said I will required to have 3 DVDs (4.7GB) to get this done. 

2. At home I clicked the program One Key Recovery and click one re

got 3 options - I. Create a recovery disk from an existing image, ii. Create a recovery disk from existing system

iii. Create a recovery disk from factory.

I thought 3rd one will be best and went with it. Next thing I saw that t required 3 DVDs. I went on with it. But to my surprise it was done with 2 dvds. (however information was that it required 3 dvds) ..This is everything all right? do i have the recovery disc ready?

3. Next i called up the store guy, he said first i need to create an image and keep it within the hard drive. and then  burn that image to dvd ( first option                             ) - i did this. i got an image in the default path. and then tried to burn the image to DVD and it said it requires 2 dvds. i don't know what's going on. is it normal? or i made any mistake? please advice.

4. As i have been working with XP Pro for long time i am more comfortable with it. If i want to install XP what would be the procedure?

5. I read couple for threads on issues that c drive is full as it is smaller in size (around 30 GB) . As i see My computer - i found i have two drives C: drive of 252 gb and d: of 30 gb. which means i will be forced to keep data in C drive in sometime. And i will be loosing these data if i need to format C drive in future. I know i can take a back up before formatting C: still i don't feel comfortable keeping data in C. Is there any way to create a c rive with less space (around 50-80 gb) and rest will be d: drive?


Please advice me. Thanks.



Paper Tape
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Re: One Key Recovery - Partition and back up - confused

Hi, You're lucky if you only have 2 partitions - isn't there a nice tiny one of 0,2 Gigabytes also?


What I can tell you is that I spent a lot of time as well trying to mend the soft/partitioning and to get rid of bloatware!


In short: I did a clean reinstall + recovered my OEM activation + partitioned the HDD as I wanted. Now it looks and reacts familiar (I used XP as well, before).

BEWARE: trying partitions managers as Easeus or Paragon has blocked my partitions - they seem to be "coded" somehow.

Do not hesitate: after you backup activation erase totally HDD (I used killdisc) and all shall be gone and you start fresh.


Get a Win 7 serching for "digitalriver" Get ABW for activation restoring Get drivers from Lenovo support, install only what you need by function not all of them!


Send a PM if you need more details. Regards from Romania!





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