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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎04-28-2012
Location: Czech Republic
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OneKey Recovery - can't recover & strange behavior


I have huge problem. I deleted old backups in OneKey Recovery, because I had no more disk space. I left there only the last backup. Then I rebooted the computer and the notebook did't boot, because corrupted winload.exe or somethink like that. A used the linux live cd and looked on the disk... There is no user data on the main "C" partition! The system is clean! There is nothing in Documents and Settings, my programs are gone, my data are gone... I don't get it... How it could happend? I tried restore the data from the last backup, but it told me, that: "image file is not valid". I have in the hidden Lenovo partition backup folder with subfolder "Catalogs" and the 16 ziped backup files with backuped data... But there is no "backup.wsi" file... How can I restore the data please? They are very important for me. I'm desperate and I appreciate any help... Than you... (sorry for my english)


My computer:

Lenovo Ideapad G560

Windows 7 Home Premium

OneKey Recovery version: 7.0.1230

Community Moderator
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Re: OneKey Recovery - can't recover & strange behavior

hi d3vl1n,

as i understood what you wrote above, the current system has crashed and you are trying to save your personal files but i have one question. if you use recovery before backing up your data, i believe, the recovery deleted them. if you are trying to back-up your data from another restore point which failed, we need some more information:
- it is windows restore or one key restore?