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OneKey recovery "failed to access file" error on G50 laptop



Before my G50 hard drive crashed, I had made 2 image backups (at different times) on an external USB HDD using OneKey Recovery. Lenovo replaced the internal drive, but whenever I try to restore my old system from either of the backup images, the process stops at various points with a "failed to access file" error message. Some additional info:


- I am using OneKey Recovery (OKR) 8

- pre- and post-crash OS is Windows 8.1

- I am able to initiatlize a clean install of Windows 8.1 from the hidden partition of the new internal disk (which is great, except that all my old data is in the OKR backup images!)

- I have launched OKR both from the special button on the side of the G50 and also from within a clean Win 8.1 install, and tried recovery from each without success

- no changes were made to internal disk partitions (new and old disks)

- each image is about 220 GB (in +760 files)

- the USB HDD is a WD 1TB passport, has been checked for errors, and is operating just fine


After extensive searching on this forum and elsewhere, I cannot find any solutions. I have even less comfort after having to explain to a Lenovo rep what a disk image is and what it means to restore my original disk image to a new disk using OKR.


Even if I cannot restore the entire image, it seems there would be some way to "mount" or unpack the image files to at least recover some of the data files.


OneKey Recovery has been, for me, any thing but that; it is a OneKey Disaster. I use Acronis to back up my other computers and will start using it on my G50 as well.


Any suggestions?


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