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Re: Problem with Hinges on G570 model laptop

2016-07-11, 18:38 PM

Let me ask a daft question.

has anyone started making the bottom case In metal for the G570?


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Re: Problem with Hinges on G570 model laptop

2016-08-30, 14:52 PM


Thanks for the repair tip. My G570 has been broken for a year and a half now. I will try your repair. Thanks again.


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Re: Problem with Hinges on G570 model laptop

2016-09-12, 12:14 PM

Lenovo, i repaird during warranty and after warranty two times. i would like to ask lenovo team is there any permanent solution to this hinges problem. please answer at the earliest. 


akshay 8500391468


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Re: Problem with Hinges on G570 model laptop

2016-10-17, 18:01 PM

I bought a G570 in January of 2012.  By July of 2012, one hinge had broken.  Rather than send the computer back, I babied the hinges, even stuffing paper in one of them to keep it intact, until August of 2015, when the other hinge broke, making the laptop useless.  I got my son to order a bottom case and replace it for me.  Now, just a little over a year, one hinge has broken through the top of the case and the other hinge is breaking as well.  Putting up with what I had to, and seeing the many other customers who have fought the same problem is ridiculous.  The laptop has been a good one.  It is a shame that a sorry plastic hinge design renders the whole laptop useless and causes repeated breaking even after repair and replacement is done.  I suppose I'll have to look elsewhere for a replacement.  Don't buy a Lenovo.


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Re: Problem with Hinges on G570 model laptop

2016-11-12, 7:29 AM

Well, after seeing all the queries and facing the same problem myself I decided to repair the hinge on my own because I am already out of warranty but after seeing few youtube videos and reading few articles about how to fix lenovo hinge I did it so I would like to share my techniques and learning guides with you people so in future you can also try to do it by yourself.


The article I am giving here is an article about laptop hinge repair from TECHYUGA.COM


What are the Hinges?

Display hinges connect two halves of a laptop – the display panel and base assembly. All regular laptops have two hinges located on the left and right sides of the display panel. Tablet PCs have one hinge-swivel located in the middle of the display.

The LCD screen mounts to the screen mounting brackets which are permanently attached to the display hinges. There are two or more screws securing the LCD screen to each mounting bracket.


Laptop hinge arrangement


What are the Hinges made of ?

The laptop hinges are mostly made of low-cost metal alloys,It is also called “pot metal.” Pot metal is not particularly durable, and over the course of a laptop’s life cycle, repeated opening and closing of the computer’s lid can cause wear that prevents the lid from staying in an open position. Hinges can also wear to the point that they break at the point of attachment, either on the lid or the computer’s body.


Problems associated with the Hinges ?

Hinges are not meant for repair, they can only be replaced if damaged anyhow. If the hinge is broken or too loose to keep the display in an open position, you have to replace it with a new one.

1. The laptop display feels loose. It will stay in the up position, but when you move the display it feels floppy.

First of all, try tightening screws securing both hinges to the laptop base and display cover. If tightening screws doesn’t help, apparently your hinges are worn out and will have to be replaced soon.

2. The display will not stat in the up position. When you open the display and leave it in the up position, it falls back.

Most likely one or both hinges are broken and need to be replaced. Even if only one hinge is broken, then it would be better to replace both hinges because the second one is worn out and could break too in the near future, you should immediately call a technician for Laptop Hinge Repair.





Flat-head screwdriver

Phillips-head screwdriver

Rubber cement



Purchase replacement parts on sites like amazon etc ,



Before you start to dissassemble the laptop you must remember to power it off, remove the power cable and battery from your laptop. Remove the hard drive and memory sticks from your laptop as well.



Remove any screws on the bottom of your laptop that hold the keyboard to the laptop base. Some laptops do not have a keyboard screwed in. Examine your laptop carefully. If in doubt, remove all screws located on the bottom and sides of the laptop. Keep track of all of your screws, and draw a quick diagram of where each one goes to make reassembly easier.


broken laptop hinge




Use a flathead screwdriver to carefully pry up and remove the keyboard bezel. The bezel is located along the top of the keyboard on most laptops. Remove the keyboard, and disconnect it from the motherboard.



Remove the hinge covers, if any, and disconnect any cables connecting the LCD display to the motherboard.


Replacing broken hinge



Remove any screws connecting the display to the laptop base. Carefully pull the display away from the laptop base.



Remove any screws connecting the two halves of the display assembly together. Use your fingers to carefully pry the front bezel away from the LCD display cover. Carefully remove the LCD display from the cover. The LCD display probably will be connected to a video cable. Unplug the video cable before removing the screen.


Laptop hinge screws




Remove any screws holding the hinges to the display cover. Replace with new hinges.


Replacing new hinge in laptop



Reassemble your laptop by reversing your previous steps.


And this is a video which you guys can follow to change the hinge-


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Re: Problem with Hinges on G570 model laptop

2017-07-26, 10:30 AM

I have had my lenovo G570 for at least 3 years with no problems. I had the free windows 10 upgrade last year which seem to slow it down alot. So on the advice and help of my son, who is in IT, I upgraded to a SSD drive. This made it very fast and slick for a few months. Now the hinge has broken through the plastic case just like many peoples have on here. I have temporary fixed it with a small bolt through the hinge but this is failing also. The next fix might be an external metal bracket but this will also be fixed to the plastic casing. 

Any ideas how to fix it?


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Re: Problem with Hinges on G570 model laptop

2018-03-13, 3:07 AM

Some on this thread asked if the problem was limited to g570/580 because surely after this many complaints they must know it’s a problem. But sadly no they didn’t fix it in later models. I came across this thread after having the same issue with g780. Mine lasted a little longer than some others on this thread (so it’s out of warranty), but the missing screw and broken right hinge messed up the power port so the computer is completely unusable.


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Re: Problem with Hinges on G570 model laptop

2018-03-13, 18:22 PM
The issue with the failing plastic is the way it breaks down with use. I have seen some good "epoxy" runs used to harden up the weak points. I have not had the misfortune to have my G580 suffer from hinge issues, it has been a good little workhorse for several years now.

On the flip side - I have seen quite a few issues with hinges from many notebooks (other competitors lineups) so it is just not a Lenovo issue.

If you need a better, more durable notebook the Lenovo Thinkpad line is more "industrial" and I have seen quite a few working past 10 years or so.

Another rugged model is the the Panasonic Toughbook... Built like a tank - and shows it. One of the toughest out there, and also the heaviest beast on the market.


I do not work for Lenovo, I only provide suggestions based on my personal willingness to help others. All advice and comments are based on my experience, and do not reflect Lenovo policy, terms or conditions.

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Re:Problem with Hinges on G570 model laptop

2020-09-03, 11:26 AM

I have the same issue with a Lenovo Ideapad 520 bought 2.5 years ago. It is a known issue but they did nothing to solve it. If you have guarantee you loose it because it is your fault that Lenovo makes extremely bad laptops. Actually the hinges are mounted in a very very cheap plastic on the top cover and it breaks very easy.

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