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Paper Tape
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Problem with Hinges on G570 model laptop

Hello Lenovo,

I'm a very unhappy customer who always had good experiences with Dell or HP.  This is the first time I bought Lenovo laptop.  After 5 months the hinge stopped working and started to lift the plastic of the case.  I called the support and they told me it is covered on warranty and just ship the laptop to TX for repair and I should have it back 7 days after they receive it in the repair shop.  Of course no-one called me with the status - I called twice - first time they could not locate the laptop and the second time they said  that damage is not covered by warranty because it is not normal wear and tear ....  How can opening and closing laptop be a not normal wear and tear.  What is the warranty is for if the Lenovo can not even covering faulty hinge ...


Please help

Thank you


Update :

Just received call from customer service saying they will take care of the problem


Thank you

Retired Partner
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Re: Problem with Hinges on G570 model laptop

This good you received a call from the support center as Lenovo is working on your request.


Hope, your laptop hinges issue get resolved.


Best Regards,


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What's DOS?
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Betreff: Problem with Hinges on G570 model laptop

Never buy a LENOVO again! I bought G570 and have the same hinges issue. This seems to a known issue and how come Lenovo can CHEAT customers?? Shouldn't they take back the product and return the money? I never thought Lenovo will be such a POOR brand. I regret to have bought this laptop. 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Problem with Hinges on G570 model laptop

me too have the same problem of hinges in my Z570 laptop,(59315960),i think lenovo have to improve its hinges technolgy,seems to be poor compared to dell and hp,hinges is shaking always

Paper Tape
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Re: Problem with Hinges on G570 model laptop

I had a g570 for about 4 months and started noticing the hinges binding and case separating. It was never dropped or damaged. I sent it back(cost over $30.00) to ship to Texas as got a phone call that it would be over 175.00 to repair as it showed signs of damage. I called and talked to a "Manager" in the tech/warranty service area named Byron. They offered to escalate my claim to another department that involves complaints about product quality. I was advised they would call me in 3 to 5 business days. I wanted to talk to someone above him or in that department then but I was told that was not possible. I am very frustrated at the quality of the case of the computer and especially after reading about all the issues on this forum and how they said it was my responsibility to pay for. I quoted several of the post and met with no success. I will update what becomes of the next phone call but for now I will never BUY another Lenovo product. Customer service was poor and based on the known issues and similarity I found it difficult to think someone with authority to OK this repair was not available to talk to. They claim to have a picture the Technician had in the file that shows a break in the case near the fan vent. Anyone else have the same issue? And what steps worked for you to get them to repair this low quality computer? As for me I plan to call corporate HQ and complain very loudly.

Blue Screen Again
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Problem with hinges on my G570

This is very similar to other problems that have been mentioned on this forum. After only 6 months of normal usage, one of the hinges on my G570 has started to cause problems. When I open the laptop, it is starting to rip the plastic up. Considering this is now a known problem in Lenovo laptops, surely they should be sorting it out at this stage. I have contacted tech support already and they are sending me a letter to confirm how the laptop will be shipped to their repair centre, where it will be "assessed" as to whether it comes under my warranty or not. I will keep this post updated on the progress.


I am very disappointed by this, because the laptop is great in all other ways, but I hope the problem will be dealt with properly.

What's DOS?
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Re: Problem with Hinges on G570 model laptop

I am having the same hinge problem in my laptop.

I got it repaired once by replacing the upper case but the problem isn't solved . It worked fine for a month and the hinges got loose again damaging the upper casse as well. I really unsatisfied with the hinges and the service center sevices in india. 

Paper Tape
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Re: Problem with Hinges on G570 model laptop

Just had the hinge problem appear, need to get in touch with customer services tomorrow. Not sure I'm encouraged that its a common problem or not. :/

Punch Card
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Re: Problem with Hinges on G570 model laptop (& G560)

I posted some time ago that the hinges on my G560 seemed to be binding somewhat and asked if anybody had any ideas about lubricating the joint - or whether this was a bad idea. I got absolutely zero response.......................


I treat my Lenovo very gently and don't force the hinges if they seem to bind a little - I move the lid the other way and then gently try again and everything seems to then work, at least so far!


This is the 3rd fundamental problem to show itself on the laptop since the I bought it last summer, the others being


  • Inability to install W 7 SP1 because it's incompatible with the Intel video driver, and Lenovo don't seem to be be bothered about coming up with a new driver
  • Very fragile power jack starting to show increased play despite careful use, on which I've had to make a temporary kludge to try to ensure it doesn't get worse.

I've pretty much decided to get myself a cheap Chinese Android tablet for day to day access to the internet and mail, and leave the Lenovo for tasks I can't do on the tablet and for file storage.


I wouldn't fall over myself trying to buy another Lenovo, certainly not a budget model.


Lenovo G560 - Windows 7 Home Premium x64
Paper Tape
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Re: Problem with Hinges on G570 model laptop (& G560)

guys.. i had this same problem (I own a G570). flip your laptop upside down and look for the screw underneath the hinge. Mine fell out and started to lift the case. All you need to do is tighten them once every few months since they loosen easily.

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