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Processor Upgrade?

I am using a LenovoG560 with Pentium P6200 Processor. Can I upgrade it? If yes,then which versions are compatible with my Motherboard??? 


Above link shows some information about my laptop.



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Re: Processor Upgrade?

These were the faster cpus sold with the G560


Others may work also.
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Re: Processor Upgrade?

a i3 wont make any difference from a P6200.

if you have a P6XXX thats a icore generation same exact cpu only some features are disable and clock speed difference.

HOWEVER all cpu have speed step so they all perform around the same.

want to improve media or game performace you need core design change that means 2nd generation icore sandy bridge.

the icore run pretty good as a rule it just sandy adds the changes in the graphics and how the cache works with the memory as well that adds a decent boost.

there not a huge change from a ist gen icore  to a 2nd.

there is from core 2 duo to a 2nd gen icore and thats what most people move from a 3-4 year old pc.

a change within a generation on the tick or tock is most silly because all the cpu will perform all around the same.

it when the tick to tock you get the added befits but even there not more then 5-10%.

an i330 is the same as a P6200.

you never know the difference one bit.


i explaine it in another way.

for you to notice a difference in a cpu that cpu must be off  33% great scale then the one before it.

that means 2 generations in moores law 3-4 years.

that speed wise with regaurd to clock however now we have media as well that a big deal and new cpu bring new media instructions.

so any change of a cpu will never be felt because it has to be tick -tock-tick for you to feel it.

so even a p6200 it be hard to notice the suttle changes in a sandy bridge even with a greater clock advantage however the p6200 is high enough.

a p6200 is a fine cpu for a laptop plenty of speed.

people who change cpu really dont understand anything other then paper numbers that dont tranlate into real world feel.

kinda like the mexican coke eveyone claims is better.

put it in a glass no one can tell what is what.

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