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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎06-21-2015
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Recovery problem G550

Hi... I have Lenovo G550 very old... like 5 or 6 years old..
when I first got him he had win 7 home 32bit
he was good and everything ..
later like 2013
I install win8 32bit
and later win8.1 32bit
but.. the pc start to be slow.. bad.. lags .. just want to destroy him!!! can't stand him..
I did defrag and it make the pc even worst then before Smiley Sad
I can't play anymore on the pc ( game like KF1 , MB M , or even use Skype)
he so slow... and bad...
I can't use google chrome without close Explorer.exe
and also the screen stop to working so... I had to use VGA to see the pc...
only when the windows start up I can see the pc..
I remember when I was in win7 I accidentally pressed the button next to the poweron button..
and the there was "Lenovo OneKey Recovery"
and I exit from it..
so now I want to do it and to delete everything on C and back to normal to win7 home
I shutdown the pc and click the button and... It just start the pc as normal
I google the problem and found that I need to install it before..
so in my pc I have folor call " C:\Drivers\Lenovo OneKey Recovery "
and there was setup and I install it..
when it finsh I try to open it and it say that I didn't install some driver and requests to reinstall the sofware..
I don't know what to do...
I also try to shutdown the pc and try the button but now... the pc wont start up..
only if I click the button poweron..
I also have disk with setup of win7 ... but my problem I can't see anything without the screen of the pc so I can't click to enter to boot to reinstall win 7
[ It wont show up on my VGA screen ..]

what can I do ? plz help

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