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What's DOS?
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Rescue & Recovery Backup Does Not Start

After configuration and software install on a new Lenovo G530, I started a full system backup using Rescue & Recovery.  I cancelled that backup and rebooted.  Now when I try to start a backup, the system will not respond.  No error message is presented.  Other programs seem to be working fine.


I would still like to do a full system backup for later restore.  Any ideas on how to get the backup to run?




Paper Tape
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Re: Rescue & Recovery Backup Does Not Start

I have the exact same problem.   R&R does not start but does not display any error either.   Uninstall and reinstall (with version 4.2) did not solve the problem.   Are you out there Lenovo?    Do you have a fix for this?

Paper Tape
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Re: Rescue & Recovery Backup Does Not Start

I have the exact same issue on my T61, did a restore and wanted to do a backup and now it does not work

and would really like to be able to do a backup...Lenovo Please help

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Re: Rescue & Recovery Backup Does Not Start

shut down your computer and start-up by pressing one key recover ( rescue & recover ) button.

if it doesn't work and system loads windows, if you have recovery disks use them to perform clean installation, otherwise contact lenovo support line.