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I have installed latest BIOS upgrade from Lenovo  and my laptop crashed. (June 24 2011)

Will not boot, Lenovo restore doesn't help, can't boot from Windows 7 DVD


Lenovo G530 4446-23U, no HDMI support

Operating system: Windows 7



  1. create bootable usb flash drive

       Here is a link to download wintoflash utility:

  1. Unzip 6get19ww.exe to the usb flash drive to a folder (for example C:\SOS)
  2. Boot computer from newly created usb flash drive (if Windows doesn't work, use command prompt)
  3. Locate an old bios file on a crashed machine. It should be name bios.bak
  4. Copy located file to another folder with the name bios.wph for example (C:\SOS\bios.wph)
  5. Run WinPhlash.exe from a folder (for example C:\SOS)
  6. Specify backup file for existing BIOS as bios1.bak
  1. Specify new BIOS file as C:\SOS\BIOS.WPH
  1. Flash BIOS



Note : Only follow this procedure for the above mentioned model,an altenative option would be to contact service and get the issue resolved if you did not understand about what you are up to

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