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System freezes whenever the laptop is moved


Every so often no matter what task I am performing on my laptop it will freeze for a few moments then everything will be speed up for a second. This usually happens when i am watching videos or playing video games. I am not sure if shifting around causes the freeze or if it is software/hardware related. 


I am holding on to a G470.


If your system 'freezes'  while it's being held, or being moved, it's probably the Active Protection System kicking in, which stops the hard drive if it detects movement. 


The Active Protection System "protects your hard drive when the shock sensor inside your ThinkPad computer detects a situation that could potentially damage the hard drive. The protection system stops your hard drive by moving the read/write heads of the hard drive to areas that do not contain data, and may also stop spinning the disks of the hard drive. The hard drive is less vulnerable to damage when it is not in operation. The protection system turns the hard drive on again once the shock sensor detects a stable environment (minimal change in system tilt, vibration, or shock)."


Look for an icon in your taskbar apslogo.jpg where you can access the function, and a slider to adjust sensitivity with. If the icon is not there, go to Control Panel or searc


There should be an icon in the taskbar for the active protection. There's a slider that you can adjust sensitivity with. If there isn't  an icon there, there should be one in Control Panel. Else, do a Search and you will see this



Go to Configuration to adjust your settings.



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jonathan-s On 2019-04-07, 11:11 AM


i have Lenovo ideapad 110 .

Type Model: 80VK003EIV
Operating System
Windows 10 (64-bit)

my laptop crashes when it slightly moves

it seems there is no movement detector protection sytem , driver , compatible for this model.

can you please help?

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