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I've read that it is possible to use photos of me to "bluff" the VeriFace system and logging on to my system. Is there a way which I can prevent this?


You may increase the detection level and enable a "Live Detection" feature which will require you to move the angle of your head for the system to verify that it is not a photograph of you.


Follow the step provided below and increase the security of your VeriFace.


  1. Open Lenovo VeriFace
  2. Click on the "Gear" icon on the lower right side of the window
  3. Click on Recognition on the left.

    4. Tick "Enable Live Detection" and you will receive a notice as the picture below.


    5. Note that you would need to move your face a bit when using VeriFace in order for the system to identify you. (Thus preventing intruders using a photo of you to "bluff" the system)

    6. Click "I have read the above"

    7. Back in the Main page, you may increase the sensitivity to middle. Press OK to save.

    8. Hold Windows Button and L and test if you are able to login with VeriFace.

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I have used the early version of this product software and i have liked that with the feature that when i go out of my laptop then this software will lock windows. This version seem more security but it is not that feature. Why lenovo don't add that feature to new version?

Hello xuantuyendt,


Try updating the veriface software on your system and see if you have this feature. Also do let us know what system are you using.




is there veriface app on Lenovo g580 I didn't find it can any one help me download it