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Lenovo Staff
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I've bought laptop lenovo G550 / Model : 2958 and it worked perfectly for 4 months.  However, the system has problem now where it went so hot and seems overheat.

GPU : 67 and above...
HD0: 43
TEMP: 47
CORE0 : 41
CORE1 : 39


If a system is running hotter than expected...


1) Check to ensure the power manager is still installed


2) Make sure all drivers are the latest one


3) Check for a BIOS whether it fixes anything related to overheat issue


4) Check and clean the fan.  See this KB article on removing the fan and completely cleaning the heat sink radiator.


5) Carefully remove the heatsink, completely clean off all the old thermal grease from the top of the CPU and the heatsink and replace with Artic Silver thermal compound.  Use a dab about the size of a small pea.   Some systems will use a silicon pad on the GPU, this should not be removed and thermal grease should not be applied there.


Recommendations #4 and #5 apply to systems that are outside of warranty. For in warranty systems, please contact Lenovo support for service after confirming the power manager software is installed and working.

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