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Paper Tape
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Where is the software for the Lenovo G550???

I want to do a clean install and replace the pre-installed Vista with Windows 7.


I see that the Lenovo G550 download page has drivers for Windows 7, but where is the pre-installed software, like Veriface, camera software, and all other pre-installed Lenovo software? I looked at all OS options for the G550 on the download page, and NONE of them had the G550 laptop software, all they had for each OS option was only  the drivers.


I understand that I can make a recovery DVD, but as I understand  it, it will return the system to the factory fresh state (all pre-installed programs installed, but also with the factory installed VISTA  - yuck!). I didn't see any option to only re-install the  Lenovo software without also re-installing the OS.


When I look at the download pages for other Lenovo  laptops, I see that they have drivers AND SOFTWARE, but the G550 has no software except for the drivers. Since the G550 came with no software disks, and there doesn't seem to be any of the software online, how exactly does one do a clean installation of an operating system, and then re-install the Lenovo software, on a G550?


I was able to find downloads of programs like Veriface on the Lenovo site for different laptop models, but unfortunately those were much older software versions, and for a different Operating system.


Why can't Lenovo post all of the software online? If they aren't going to provide the software on DVD when they ship the PC, then they should at least have it online; so that people can do a reinstallation if necessary. DELL doesn't seem to have a problem putting all of the software for their PCs online, and they also provide it on disk with the PC.


Do I have to find the hidden backup partition and then copy the Lenovo software installation files to a DVD or different drive myself? Has anyone done this, and if so, can they please provide some assistance as to the best way to accomplish this task?


If there is a different/easier way to accomplish my end goal of a G550 with a Windows 7 clean install, and also with a re-installation of all pre-installed Lenovo software, I would be extremely grateful for any assistance. If there is also a way for me to select which factory software I wanted to install, that would be even better ( I don't need all of the crapware that came on the PC)


Thanks in advance,



Paper Tape
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Re: Where is the software for the Lenovo G550???

A week later and still no software? Come on Lenovo, I looked through the forums and saw that I wasn't the only one looking for the downloads.


The only thing I can find is older Veriface software for G530s, and that is 32 bit ( I need 64 bit)


G550 owners need the software downloads for Veriface, EasyCapture and whatever else you installed on the machine.


Why did Lenovo not provide reinstallation DVDs with the computer? Since this wasn't done, then you should at least provide us with download links for this software. There are a lot of folks waiting to upgrade to Windows 7, and they would like to be able to use their built-in webcams after a clean install of Windows 7.


DELL provides both reinstallation Disks AND  download links; why is Lenovo incapable of doing the same?

Punch Card
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Re: Where is the software for the Lenovo G550???

I have the same problem ??

Software for Windows 7 64bit

but still waiting for response ..........................................................................I have glimpse of hope .

Paper Tape
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Re: Where is the software for the Lenovo G550???

I'm supposed to be getting my win 7 install disk any day for my g550 so this is extrememly relevent to my interests. When you guys did clean install it will still revert to vista if you press the one-key recover button??? How does that even make sense??


Also, I've heard about some people installing Enhanced Experience stuff (bios/drivers?) for a better 7 install. Do you know if you update this before or after or if you need to burn it to a cd first? I'm pretty confused as to what you do to get EE stuff. Not all of the extras are available but I was under the impression that a new bios was available.


I hope this thread gets noticed by someone with answers!!!!!



Paper Tape
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Re: Where is the software for the Lenovo G550???

Hi Guys,


I too have the same the problem  Smiley Sad .

I have upgraded my machine to Win7. Now no devices are working.

IF you got to know any information. Please let me know.




Paper Tape
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Re: Where is the software for the Lenovo G550???



I havent yet installed win7 to my g550 but i am thinking of doing it. But if no one can tell me where i might find software fot my laptop, then i wount install win7. How can it be, that Lenovo website contain g550 drivers, but not software. If people want to install win7 to their laptop, then they cant do it because theres no way to get software what were in the computure when they bought it with win vista.


Looking forward replys.

Punch Card
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Re: Where is the software for the Lenovo G550???

Aprox. a month ago I have recived an answer from the Lenovo support somewhere in these topics.


The main theme was: You have a VALUE LINE notebook, sorry. Smiley Very Happy

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Where is the software for the Lenovo G550???

AS this is value line series they have decided not to give these softwares for notebook such this and in return they put them all on a y650 ideapad series.

you can obtain all the softwares from that page:  LENOVO VERIFACE,LENOVO ONKEY RECOVERY,LENOVO EASY CAPTURE,LENOVO READYCOMM other softwares could not install on G550 series.

Paper Tape
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Re: Where is the software for the Lenovo G550???

Thanks, I'll give that a try when I finally get the Windows 7 upgrade disk.


It seems ridiculous that Lenovo doesn't support this product for Windows 7, especially when they mentioned the "FREE" upgrade (with ridiculous "shipping and handling charge") to Windows 7 on the web page where I ordered it. Being a reasonable person, I assumed that when they offered a "Free" upgrade to Windows 7 with the PC, they would also provide the basic software to allow the built-in hardware like webcams to keep on functioning as they did under Vista.


Had I known that they would refuse to offer any software on disks or download, I would have ordered a DELL or some other PC that has a reasonable level of customer service. I am not a typical user; I don't call in for customer support. All I need is the software and drivers, and I will install it myself.

Paper Tape
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Re: Where is the software for the Lenovo G550???

I went to the page maentioned by mehran_4x, and while I see VERIFACE, and ONE KEY RECOVERY, I don't see:





Are these two missing programs part of some of the other software packages on the site (Desktop Navigator, Slidebar, slidenav, onekey theater), or have readycomm and easy capture been removed form the Y550 page?



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