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Will FRU 04W3814 pass whitelist (intel 7260 AC Wifi Card)

Will FRU 04W3814 pass whitelist (intel 7260 AC Wifi Card) in a G580 20157?

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Re: Will FRU 04W3814 pass whitelist (intel 7260 AC Wifi Card)

hi johnblaazer,


Thanks for Posting!


With the G580 Whitelist,

   Im thinking that this will not work.


Here is the List for the G580




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Punch Card
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Re: Will FRU 04W3814 pass whitelist (intel 7260 AC Wifi Card)

I was assuming also, but nobody seems to know what all the fru part numbers are in the bios


I knew of the FRU's that you had posted, just wonder if there are actually more in the bios than listed part numbers



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Re: Will FRU 04W3814 pass whitelist (intel 7260 AC Wifi Card)

The FRU Parts List for any particular computer model is simply the list of parts that Lenovo currently sells direct for that model. It also ensures compatibility; but the list FRU list itself has no real relation to the Lenovo BIOS Whitelist for same computer. If that were so, you could verify for yourself my simply checking the list of M.2 (NGFF) mSATA SSDs under the SSD/HDD heading. Max capacity I've seen for any model (W-series notwithstanding) is 32GB. And the brand of any memory from mechanical HDD to mSATA SSD to SDRAM is limited to a select few on the FRU lists, while any will work. I have not looked at the BIOS Whitelists myself (a ROM loader program should enable this as well as simple bdeletion of entire whitelists--Lenovo allows this (i.e. they do not lock their BIOS as, e.g., HP does; rewriting the BIOS or flashing a non-Lenovo (read: "unauthorized") BIOS will likely violate warrranty; nevertheless, Lenovo (IBM) was the 1st PC manufacturer and builds for computer-literate fanatics who enjoy tweaking the last ounce of performane out of desktop, laptop, or supercomputer (HP got on the bus too late, trying to outdo Lenovo by adding an mSATA port alongside a WWAN port; still, HP does not show any consumer loyalty or faith whatsover by their failure to update BIOSes to include new, e.g., Intel WLAN cards on their Whitelists (yes, HP has finally released a BIOS that will allow Gen 3 Mobile Workstations (i.e. 8x70w) wo work with Gen 4 WLAN cards (e.g. Intel AC-7260); still that leaves me in the dust with fairly useless, albeit, attractive magnesium chassis & glass trackpad (misplaced far left w a riduculous 3 button format--form follows function & HP consistently fails while a 7 year old T61 keeps pace (with proper BIOS & hardware mods which vikolate warranty with a 2 year old HP 8560w).
Anyway, that owners regularly use 128 & 320 GB mSATA SSDs as cache, boot, or primary drives with commom models such as X230 & T430, with success, is evidence enough that the FRU Parts Lists is simply what Lenovo sells at the time of model release.
And there are both authorized BIOS Updates as well as WLAN Driver & Software updates that (please check the Readmes, they list Lenovo model numbers & WLAN/WWAN manufacturer model number compatibilty) will get 2nd Gen ThinkPads such as a T420s working with Intel AC-7260 (FRU 04W3814; beware: Intel's 7260 release includes a number of models which do not include 802.11ac).
The most important piece of these successful WLAN/ThinkPad marriages (most of which are N/A w/ HPs) is Intel's latest PROWireless/Set (up to 17.500 as of this writing, I believe). I also believe (but may be wrong) in that Intel writes a separate PROWireless/Set for each computer manufacturer. When I say I may be wrong (mind you: I cannot cross-reference everything I write in a Forum Reply--it is enough to write a comprehensive reply without losing 1000 words; sol I say what I know is true & include qualifiers wshere I'm uncertain (quite contrary to most Forum Members who mostly make assumptions or state misfacts (I know they are doing their best; but in the end--if you are uncertain: GET YOUR ANSWERS FROM A QUALIFIED LENOVO REP, preferably thru Live Chat).
At any rate, the answer to your question: I am unfamiliar with the G-series. It is not mainline like T, X, W & even B, L & U.
First check the WLAN Driver & Software Readmes (txt files under the Driver Downloads FOR YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM).
Be sure you are checking the most recent (last, if Lenovo no longer supports G580 (the 20157 specifier should be of no consequence) WLAN info for G580.
Also check for all supported Lenovo models under the AC-7260 WLAN module & it's corresponding PROWireless/Set.
Then check your BIOS.
You may or may not need a BIOS update.
Never update a BIOS just for the sake of having the latest BIOS. Unless, a BIOS Update includes a particular change or addition you require, leave it alone (a fried BIOS does NOT, unlike the old adage, render your computer "a brick".
A simple motherboard replacement will revive a perfectly good display, chassis, keyboard, etc. Still, it may be a pain & you may break some small plastic parts (usually a few bucks to replace with new ones). But it's within grasp of anyone who uses a computer for more than e-mail & Web surfing (I assume most Lenovo users fit that description).
I wasted alot of time & money on HP (great for dual Xeon/Opteron 1000+ workstation 10GbE linked supercomputers.
But for the average non-millionaire computer enthusuast (I am NOT talking about "gamers"), Lenovo is IBMs legacy & IBM started it all for the "Person", as in PC.

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