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Blue Screen Again
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Windows XP Windows 7 Windows 8 & 8.1 Windows 365, Lenovo & Service

Dear Experts

Please help, going to try to explain facts as brief as possible.

I used Dec 2016 a laptop Windows 7 that I had to sent for repairs, 24 December 2016 I was informed of the cost, it was not worth my while.

I had a laptop exactly like the one in question Lenovo G80, which got stolen earlier in 2016, using windows 7.

I am a Legislational & Labour Specialist in my Country.

I was under huge pressure with a deadline looming 15 January 2017, no time to find a new laptop set up etc.,

I borrowed another Lenovo from my sister, not aware that it was using Windows XP (This was sold in my country long after the discontinuation of the product in 2013)

I wanted to test run an idea with the deadline, though I got stopped (kicked out of the system) continuously whilst trying to do my online submissions, so much so that I could not complete the work.

I was then under huge pressure as the Company doing the work for could sue me for millions as they were not complying to legislation in many facets.

Myself & my sister arranged that I could use the Lenovo (the one with XP) until the completion of the submissions at 12:00am 15 January 2017, though on 16 January I was running from one town to another in order to beg for special permission to do submissions on behalf of the Company that I had the deadline for, from one big shot to another without any luck.

I gave my sisters computer back and started looking for prices to purchase one, when my sister phoned and said she is in actual fact not really using the Lenovo (the one in question) as she bought a bigger handheld device and I can have the computer.  (She purchased it from a reputable computer retail/wholesaler in my country) 18 October 2016.  (System is now saying the system is not under warranty)

My work kept on dissapearing, I could not understand what was going on, doing work when I look for it, it was missing, this computer was bought with Windows 8.

I had a person knowledgeable in these sort of things, he reverted my system back to W7, then back to W8, upgraded later to W8.1, but my system kept on being inconsistent.  This computer has never received any major updates from either Microsoft nor Lenovo.

I kept on loosing work, also now being so scared as I am awaiting an attorneys letter from the Company whose legislational information I was unable to submit, due to XP system(only months later realised what happenend).

Until middle June 2017 it continued, I then realised that there is more to this whole situation, I remebered seeing about 30 updates from Windows (Admin) for the system.

I am going to leave the rest of the 3 months out (I started looking everywhere what could, can or would have caused this situation)

I tried Microsoft 365 from early in August 2017 on the free trial, this was also very unstable, today I had a profile picture possibly 4-5 years ago, my account kept on changing to anything.  I would have been able to log into Skype today yet tomorrow I could not.

I recieved 2 very big legitimate files from apple, that also contributed to this whole situation as I could not download my music & photos for 18 years.

I will continue in new post


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Re: Windows XP Windows 7 Windows 8 & 8.1 Windows 365, Lenovo & Service

Windows XP is a mature, discontinued operating system that has major security flaws, ones that required the creator (Microsoft) to devote many efforts to correct, leading ultimatly to a new Operating System (Windows 7) as a direct replacement.  Windows 7 came with a new desktop shell (explorer.exe) that was more secure, a better updated Internet Explorer and several dozen under the hood improvements.


Windows 7 is considered Mature, and will be phased out soon, with Windows 10 as its replacement.  Windows 10 is still in "fresh" status, and will be updated with service packs and critical updates for several years to come.  Windows 10 has a new desktop shell, and again a better browser.  The operating system also includes an updated Firewall and even a not so bad anti-malware tool, but both can be replaced by thrid party software (AVAST Internet Security for example) to better protect the end user.


Office 365 will work best on Windows 10 and I would not use it on any older Operating Sytems (OS) than Windows 7 as Office software runs "scripts" that could take advantage of the known isseus in Windows 7 and older systems.


In short, you would be better off with a newer system, with Windows 10, AVAST Internet Security (or equivilent) and a strong password entered into BIOS and Windows Logon.  That way any / all information stored on the system is better protected from loss due to theft or malware.


Here in the US of A - there are some good deals (Under $500 USD) for newer notebooks running Windows 10 from Lenovo and others.  I do not know what retail outlets are available to you locally, but Online may be a better option.  Check the Lenovo "shop" tab to see if you can get one delivered to you directly.


Again, stay clear of any notebook running Windows XP or Windows 7 if you are working on Office365, there are security issues that may compromise your files, especially in the listed profession you have chosen.


You can Private Message me for more details or further assistance with selecting an good system.



I do not work for Lenovo, I only provide suggestions based on my personal willingness to help others. All advice and comments are based on my experience, and do not reflect Lenovo policy, terms or conditions.

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