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I have a problem with my brand new G770 - I can't use wireless connection. After first run my home wifi AP wasn't found, so I set manual connection to it. It didn't solve the problem.  I tried reinstaling drivers, disabling and uninstalling lenovo energy saver. Trying Fn + F5 showed me information, that wireless device isn't turned on, or something like that... I was so desperate, that I reinstalled windows


Check to ensure the external Wifi master radio switch is set to the on position.


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After ensuring that the switch is set to on, Press FN + F5 to bring up the wifi controls.  Should look similar to this view and ensure that Wifi is on.  You may also wish to toggle on the on screen indicator.  If this display is not available, you may need to reinstall the Lenovo power management software and the hot key drivers as both contain code that must be in place to enable this feature.




If you have removed all Lenovo software and loaded a fresh copy of Windows, you can download the wifi drivers, hot key and energy management software components from the support website to restore these features. 

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Every time after a restart, my wireless adapter stops working.  I have to go to device manager, disable it, then enable it.  It's a PIA, but solves it.