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What's DOS?
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b575 no BIOS

I recently upgraded from Win10 to Pepermint.  The loading screen hung, and i thought it had frozen, so I forced poweroff.  Turns out, i was incorrect, and the laptop was working.  The next powerup, I went into the BIOS, and the boot order menu was completely gone.  After that, it is impossible to access the BIOS or or Boot menu.

On startup, i get a blip of a message stating the vbios loaded, then back-lit black screen.

I have tried providing inputs to see if it was a display issue... it is not, I cannot even togggle the keyboard locks.

I have disconnected main battery, ac, and CMOS battery, and performed a powerswitch drain, left setting over night. No change, except that each time i go through this, the first attempted boot gives to beeps.  I know that points to a memory error if they are short beeps (they do not sound particularly short to me, but there is no two long beeps code)  I have tried using each of the sticks by themselves to no avail, and then tried with no ram to see if it would reliably give me the beep code.  No RAM provided a significantly truncated failed boot, leading me to believe it is another issue.  Un fortunately, all of the RAM i have access too is ddr2, and this laptop uses DDR3, so i have not been able to test with known-good ram.  


Also, no alt-media boots are working.  (this may seem obvious but I am including it to narrow down troubleshooting options)

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Re: b575 no BIOS

It sounds like the BIOS / POST operation has been compromised. This may point to a system board failure, and requires it to be sent to a service center for repair.

I would suggest contacting Lenovo Support by phone to discuss warranty options and repair routes for this issue.

If not under warranty, you may find out if a local Lenovo authorized service center is near you and see if they will look at it to see if they know what is up with it.


I do not work for Lenovo, I only provide suggestions based on my personal willingness to help others. All advice and comments are based on my experience, and do not reflect Lenovo policy, terms or conditions.

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