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Blue Screen Again
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lenovo G570 bios password

I set a Supervisor Password and an User Password for a Lenovo G570 Laptop, running an INSYDEH20 BIOS. Later I decided to exclude the passwords, so I entered in Setup press F2 and I selected Clear Password (something like this). Now when I turn on my laptop the message "Enter Current Password" appears. I put my old password... "invalid password", just press Enter... "invalid password" . I didn't forget the password, I just wanted to remove the password and now I don't know what's happening. How should I do for this matter?

Blue Screen Again
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Re: lenovo G570 bios password

The issue was solved. I was using the numpad and when I put the password I used the numbers in "regular keyboard". I didn't know it's difference to digit a 9, for example, using the numpad and the "regular keyboard".

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Retired SuperMod
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Lenovo Z560 bios password

What's DOS?
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Re: lenovo G570 bios password

I have set my BIOS password and forgot the same. Can someone please help me in resetting this. I want to remove it. I tried a lot of but no luck.
Paper Tape
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Re: lenovo G570 bios password

how can i use the number pad to enter my old bios password my password is "banu"  plz help me anyone...

Paper Tape
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Re: lenovo G570 bios password

what is the password then?????

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Re: lenovo G570 bios password

If you have lost / forgotten your BIOS password you will have to send your notebook to a service center for main board replacement - there is no reset tool available.


For those that are confused on the number pad verses the keyboard numbers (top row) when you are entering your password (numeric) the top row of the keyboard showing numberr is the prefered method.  The numberpad may not send the right ASCII codes in until the NumLock key is active.


The poster that indicated he needed to use the top row instead of the number pad to enter his password may not have set the BIOS string to turn on NumLock at power up - only the OS does it.  So when he needs to enter the password, the number pad is sending directional ASCII input rather than numeric input codes.


Again - if you have lost or misplaced your BIOS password - you have no choice other than to replace the main system board (motherboard) in the notebook, at a Lenovo service center.


Good luck.



I do not work for Lenovo, I only provide suggestions based on my personal willingness to help others. All advice and comments are based on my experience, and do not reflect Lenovo policy, terms or conditions.

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