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Re: lenovo g550

Thanks for reply.

You mean I DO have an option to go back to WIN 7 ?

HOW would I do that exactly ?  Is it a question of buying a WIN 7 disk somewhere ?

Or can it be done  with a download from somewhere ?

Or is WIN 7 hidden awa y somewhere on my hard disk if only I knew how to bring it back ?

I just don't understand how MS can get away with inflicting stuff on people's computers which makes them virtually unusable ? 

Doesn't  the law of TORT apply any more in the US ?   How come no one has sued them for damaging their computer ?


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Re: lenovo g550

Windows 7 is no longer on your hard drive as the 30 day revert period has past.  You will have to do a clean install of Windows 7.


If you have a legible COA sticker on your computer showing the Windows 7 registration key then visit the link below for an explanation on how to install Windows 7.  Since your key is an OEM key you most likely will have to call Microsoft to activate your copy of Windows 7 as explained in the article. 


In the event you no longer have a legible COA registration key then you will have to purchase a retail copy of Windows 7 for the installation.

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