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no signal in second screen and I have tried everything (Lenovo G50-30)

Hello, I have been having a "little" an with my notebook. I have spent literally few days trying to solve it, but to no avail.


I have a Phillips TV which was, until recently, working fine as a second screen, but suddenly the notebook wont recognize it. Initially I thought the issue was in hardware and that I had bad HDMI cable. I bought new one... no dice. After a lot of probing I thought it was and hardware issue with the HDMI port so I bought VGA cable with HDMI/M-VGA/F reduction for the TV (the reduction goes into the HDMI port in TV and then the cable into VGA port in my Lenovo). It hasnt worked either. So the issue has to be of a software nature.


Here are the things I tried:


1) I have a Win 10 build 1607 and I have read that the Lenovo G50-30 notebooks are only fully compatible with Win 10 build 1507. So I tried rolling back to previous build. It wasnt possible so I reseted to the factory setting. It didnt work and after a boot the 1607 build was still in place (Win upddate probably downloaded it imediately). 


2) So second I tried to remove graphics drivers with DDU (display drivers uninstall tool) in safe mode and then normaly install drivers directly from Intel (before this I tried to install the ones from Lenovo page, but it did not work). Also the Intel drivers were dated from 2017 and the Lenovo ones from 2015. Also before the factory reset this wasnt possible because everytime I tried to install the Intel drivers it told me that they werent tried for this system and that i should mail Lenovo. Anyways the Intel drivers are in place and the second screen is still not working.


3) WinKey+P ..."duplicate" or "expand" options. Still nothing. 


4) Also the restart with TV turnet on/off and the cable plugged-in/unplugged. Also nothing.


5) Turning the graphic adaptor on/off and trying it with off option. Zero.


6) Completely uninstalling the driver and using the Microsoft stock driver. Did not work.


I read dozen forums and threads, but nothing really solved my situation so I am desperately posting this one. At this point I think I tried almost everything there is... except looking into BIOS.


Is here anyone who came across something like this and found the solution?


With regards,


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Re: no signal in second screen and I have tried everything (Lenovo G50-30)

If the break point was tied to a Windows Update, then it may be an OS issue rather than a hardware related fault. I would try a "live DVD" of Linux Mint to see if it works properly within that OS (won't install to your HDD unless you tell it to}.


I do not work for Lenovo, I only provide suggestions based on my personal willingness to help others. All advice and comments are based on my experience, and do not reflect Lenovo policy, terms or conditions.

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