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tech support & depot svc much to be desired

2011-10-19, 21:00 PM

Called Support regarding my G560-0679 (in warranty) . Experiencing only limited power, clear indication of mobo failure.  Spoke to Elaine (not quite sure the accent was so thick) 

She insisted on wasting my time despite my advising I am IT and quite capable of troubleshooting the issue. At the end of the mind numbing call which was much longer then it should have been (she did not understand English well)  she agreed the laptop needs to be serviced, advised me that I would receive an email with the instruction to return the laptop.

2 days later the email was not received.  Called Lenovo again, and spoke to a girl that was very helpful, spoke clearly and understood the issue without constant repeating myself.  Advised me that indeed Elaine had entered everything incorrectly on my case including my email address thus preventing receipt of email.  So for piece of mind the rep and I clarified the notes, corrected the model info, etc.  Email was received while I was on the line with her.

I returned the laptop, battery and power cord as instructed using the original shipping suitcase\box, foam core padding, laptop, battery and powercord enclosed.

Received the unit back today in a box that looks as though it is not capable of holding air. Open the box and find the foam had shifted in transit and as such MAY have damaged the laptop....but I can't freakin check because I did not get my powercord back.

Called Lenovo to report the issue....and just to make a bad day worse, I get Elaine on the line again....Lord help me.  Again with the language barrier and her insistance that my telephone number is incorrect, can't find my case #, etc.

My patience was at wits end after repeating the issue to her 3 times and she still did not understand.  Finally asked for a supervisor, I was put on hold for several minutes only for Elaine to come back stating the supervisor is on another call but issue would be escalated and I would receive information in 2-3 days.  This was unacceptable!  I again asked to speak to a supervisor, I was then told that it was not possible.....and I completely lost it!

I deal with Lenovo on a daily basis for literally hundreds of laptops and have never had issue....so why is it that a business customer is treated so differently then a personal use customer (I was calling as a personal use customer on this laptop)

When I send a laptop in for repair, I expect that all the property I sent be returned and this includes the original shipping suitcase\box and the powercord.  I paid for it in the original purchase of the item and expect it returned,.Especially when I had to pay for the shipping to the service center. The original shipping suitcase\box had the serials and other information printed on the side and appropriate padding to prevent damage in transit - I have many laptops which I store and or travel with in the original boxes for ease of use and location of particular serial numbered units within stacks of laptops.


So, here I sit with a laptop that I cannot test the repairs on let alone use because I have no power cord - so it is pretty much a very large paper weight. Because of my previous experiences with Elaine I sincerely doubt I will even hear from Lenovo let alone get my powercord back.


I did try to call back....Got Elaine again and just hung up, I don't have the energy or patience for her.




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Re: tech support & depot svc much to be desired

2011-10-25, 2:11 AM
hey flinhalo,

apologies on what had happened; could you pm to me the following :

MTM [machine type model]:

( To locate MTM - http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/FindProductNumber.page#find )

Serial Number (S/N):
Date of Purchase:
Case/Order Number : (if any)

Screenshot of Error(if applicable) : (upload it to a hosting site and paste the link here)

Location of unit : Home / Repair Center (delete where appropriate)

Description of issue :

Troubleshooting Taken : (if any)

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Re: tech support & depot svc much to be desired

2011-10-25, 6:16 AM



I would love to send you an PM - but the envelope is not seen and the contact field in your profile is blank.Case number is WN403417 (all info there is correct, lord knows I have to verify it every all everytime I call)


Par for the course with Lenovo I suppose, I tried to login into my acct this evening and kept receiving user name invalid on this site error. So I tried to check warranty status, nothing found despite entering my MTM, serial, etc.  For the giggles of it all, I attempted to use the auto- received error, unable to detect system.  No pop ups blocked, flash enabled, firewall taken down, etc. tried various browsers also.


Now to make matters worse.  I received my  laptop, but had to wait for a replacement power cord to check on system.


Bluetooth is not functioning, not detected in device manager, knowing these are quirky for blue tooth, checked for drivers (yup, they are present)  checked for updated drivers....downloaded latest update from Leno Driver Download site, installation failed - no bluetooth device detected.  CRAP!


Touch pad is wonky as all get up. Hyper-sensitive and unable to disable using Fn6...and of course can't install my bluetooth mouse, because card is not detected (I suspect it is not the case of a disconnect, but rather missing altogether.


I will honestly take my own life if forced to call Lenovo Support again, especially if I get that same Irene\Elaine chick in the Phillipines.  Gotta love that I call corporate offices that are only 3 hours away (can't get serviced there) there is an authorized service center 30 miles away (can't get serviced there, they don't service this line).  So for support, I call to a different country (and pray to high heavens that Irene\Elaine is not working) only to find out that I have to send the defective laptop to a service center across the nation at my expense though it is under warranty.


Bet Lenovo won't be sending me any customer satisfaction surveys anytime soon.


And for the absolute last time - I will not provide you with my mobile number, you can call me on my land line...I've upgraded from the 2 tin cans and string!


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Re: tech support & depot svc much to be desired

2011-10-26, 21:59 PM



Serge is out for a bit - thanks for sharing your case number - I think we can work from that....  


I can begin to appreciate your frustration on this.  The warranty lookup function is not functioning correctly on the site - I don't have all the details, but know that is has been interrupted and we are working to get it resolved asap.


Best regards,



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