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Stick 300 Bricked after BIOS update via EFI USB METHOD

2016-07-18, 5:48 AM

Well I mistakenly decided to try updating the BIOS on the Stick 300 before I was going to try slapping x64 Windows 10 on there.....and it bricked spectacularly, using the EFI USB method.  Found these forums and I have the same behavior as others, blue light on for a bit, flash flash activity on attached usb memory stick, blue light off, and it repeats, zero HDMI output to the monitor at any point.


I cannot find a way to ask Lenovo about a repair option.  I would like to talk or email someone about sending it in to be addressed for a certain price type of deal.


It is out of warranty, which I find strange that the warranty is so short on this product, and that seems to make it about impossible to contact support.


Anyone know of a way to get their attention to get replies?


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Re: Stick 300 Bricked after BIOS update via EFI USB METHOD

2019-04-20, 14:04 PM

I found this on one of the forums ( I forgot to save the source URL):

"I, like others bricked my Stick when updating the bios to O27KT10A. I used the UEFI shell method and it still crashed. I remember glancing at the error message and it was the spi flash write error. After that brick. the stick will not boot.
    I have the equipement to flash in circuit the 25Q spi flash chip so I removed the inside headers from the Bin using extractor and checked the bios file using the inside tools and it all checked out. I got an FD size of 4.7MB (the file is 4.78MB). close enough.
    I proceeded to open the stick to gain acces to the spi flash chip and I checked the type. It is a winbond 25Q16DWSIG. At that point I realised what had happened. the chip is only a 2MB chip. There is no way a 4.7MB bios will fit in there ! this is an odd chip the D means that it can output 2 bits in parallel for fast read. Something not used by the Intel Atom. normally on all the Atom devices from China you find 8MB devices like the INTEL stick which has a 25Q64FWSIG.
    I think somebody scammed somebody. I wonder if the Chinese manufacturer just put 2MB chips because thats all he got at the time and the original bios could fit and he did not care if it died later.
    Anyway the result is that if you got a stick with that spi chip, it is dead. It will never be able to load that BIOS. Just for the fun of it I will remove the current SPI chip and get an 8MB one. program the BIOS and solder the new chip. I will see if that revive the stick.
I hope this is usefull to others."


Without valid varanty, the stick is good for garbage. You could salvage small fan from it, though.

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