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Re: Tell us your experience with Lenovo Tech Support.

2008-04-07, 1:49 AM
I would give them a 9.5. Of the times I called them, only once have I experienced talking to someone who did not have a clue. The rest took time to ask me quesions and better understand the problem. I like the fact that they call you once receiving the service request. Sometimes this is not always a good thing, because you never know when they will call. I will gladly put up with this because if you compare Lenovo tech support with other supports like Vaio, they are first class. Vaio's chat support is a bot, and most of the email replies I received are too general.

I guess the way support deals with the severity of problems sums up their overall quality. From my experience, Lenovo has been very helpful, and I prefer their support.

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Re: Tell us your experience with Lenovo Tech Support.

2008-04-09, 20:11 PM
Think ill rate my experience 6.5 out of 10. While I was able to accomplish on the phone what I had needed, the support rep on the phone could have sounded a little more cheerful and less suggestively snotty.

Maybe he was having a bad day. But needs to keep personality due to life issues out of the workplace :)

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Re: Tell us your experience with Lenovo Tech Support.

2008-04-18, 17:08 PM
My experience with support was "AWESOME". I brought home the 3000 k100 Quad core. It was a display model so it had some junk on it from people playing with it at the store. I decided to reformat the harddrive and reinstall windows(really I wanted to drop Vista for XP but found out the hard way that the hardware was configured for Vista and there were no drivers for the audio for XP) I did all this before reading the materials or even looking around here and as you have guessed , I erased the recovery partition. I called support and asked for the recovery files on disk so I could reinstall them , but was told that they don't have them for download. So I asked if I could buy a new Factory Conditioned Hard Drive with the Partition in place. The service tech put me on hold for about 2 min. When he came back he offered to send me a NEW hard drive to swap out with the current drive I had. They put a hold on my credit card , but assured me when the old drive came back to them , the hold would be dropped. THE NEW DRIVE ARRIVE THE NEXT DAY AT 4PM!!!! I replaced it and this time followed the directions and now I have a fresh new system. I admitted it was my fault and offered to buy the drive and they still gave me a great deal!! I was thrilled to acually talk to someone who spoke ENGLISH. The whole experience exceeded my expectations. This is the 3rd computer I have bought , but the first from Lenovo. After the nightmare experiences with Dell Tech Support(even from the XPS division) I'll never buy any thing but Lenovo.
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Tell us your experience with Lenovo Tech Support.

2008-04-25, 19:23 PM

Hey guys, it just blows my mind to see that at least 3 people gave Lenovo support a GOOD grade since I, like three quarters of the other respondents would give it a "1" (btw, I see that a few of you gave it negative rating but I was trying to be nice).
I have owned several computers in the past and have had dealings with numerous Customer Support groups and Lenovo support is not only the WORSE that I have experience, it is NOT EVEN CLOSE (which is nothing to be proud of).
Give you an example, the Lenovo 3000 K-100 is replacing my 5 year old, out of warranty, Dell Dimension system which I tried to resurrect to the original factory settings but ran into all sorts of problems.
I must have exchanged a dozen notes with Dell Support (I prefer email support to telephone support because I can then implement the suggested solutions "step by step"). In any event, Dell sent me a full set of Recovery CDs, that had the latest updates (i.e. like WindowsXp with SP2 vs. the original version of WindowsXp that was available in 2003), Free of Charge even though the Dell machine was 5 years old out of warranty for >4 years.
Further, they called me after the CDs arrived to walk me thru the Re-Install process "step by step" and probably spent an hour or so on the phone with me, again, with an "old" out of warranty machine.
Contrast this to the support that I and have to assume, you'all have received from Lenovo who only offer telephone support, they do not offer email or chat support as do most of there competitors, which would be fine except that I have found there support to be very arbitrary and they refuse to address system issues that clearly can be identified as being Lenovo issues.
So my suggestions to Lenovo are as follows:

  • If you want to avoid the Home Market, keep on doing what you’re doing, word of mouth will get around and home users will look elsewhere.
  • If you are interested in the Home market then expand your support to either email and / or chat support along with telephone support, preferable offer all 3.
  • And last to the Lenovo User Group Community, it appears that we are on our own so let's try and help each other as much as possible. Let's try and get into the habit of accessing this board as much as possible to see if we can help each other and / or provide help to any newbie’s that might come starling along since the support that we receive from Lenovo (to be kind) leaves a LOT to be desired!



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Re: Tell us your experience with Lenovo Tech Support.

2008-04-26, 7:58 AM
Hear ! Hear ! Three Cheers for Bob !    If you read around the post we are doing just that , helping each other as best we can. Thanks all !
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Re: Tell us your experience with Lenovo Tech Support.

2008-04-29, 3:20 AM



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Re: Tell us your experience with Lenovo Tech Support.

2008-05-31, 23:21 PM
I need the warranty status for my ibm notebook bought from a local people but i can't get it.
the reason is that the notebook was built recently and the lenovo will put the information on the web soon. Under the ibm, there was no such things for warranty status delay.
I hope they will correct this problme asap.

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Re: Tell us your experience with Lenovo Tech Support.

2008-06-05, 11:27 AM
In Australia, the tech phone tech support is 9/10, but the depot repair under express warranty by Solectron is a dog 1/10. I was promised a 5 days repair turn around for my R61i, but i waited nearly 2 weeks for my laptop, because Solectron had put my laptop on a back burner. The slow repair by Solectron and dodgy Vista, forced me to get a T61p with XP. As long as i don't have to deal with Solectron i am a happy man, as all parts exchange usually occur within 2 days. But the Lenovo sales still need to improve in Australia.

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Re: Tell us your experience with Lenovo Tech Support.

2008-06-05, 15:40 PM
My experience with your service is 50%/50%
I called the phone help last Sunday, had problems making out what the rep was saying, finally he told me it's not Lenovo's problem but Windows, resulting to a 0/10 score
Monday I emailed to the Help line, had an immediate answer that they will be back to me within 24hrs, they did, with a solution and my problem was solved score 10/10
Maybe you should have a knowledge test for your phone service people, had I not persevered I would have given up on Lenovo and informed my friends not to buy any because the service was very bad.

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Re: Tell us your experience with Lenovo Tech Support.

2008-06-05, 20:40 PM
Yao, in the IBM days you would be hard pressed to get a laptop through a vendor, the availability of IBM to the wider consumer public was pretty scarce, they mainly targeted the large corporate market. Thinkpads used to be a status symbol, Lenovo is hoping to change that connatation and appeal to the wider consumer market like Apple does with its Macbook Pro range.
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