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What's DOS?
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7th gen on S510 ?

i have a a s510 desktop, is it possible to upgrade the bios to kabylake tech ? 

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Re: 7th gen on S510 ?

Hi, welcome to the forum.


As far as I know that is very hard. Usually mainboards are designed to support an specific set of processors and a new generation of processor is not common to be supported by an older mainboard. This is not something that usually get upgraded with just a BIOS update.


You can try to replace the mainboard and processor, but that is like replacing all the computer.



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Re: 7th gen on S510 ?

I think it is just Lenovo that is not willing to provide the Bios update for 7th gen support. The s510 mothernboard is a Intel H110 chipset which is compatible with 7th gen processor.


The power requirements of the Intel 7th gen processor is the same with the 6th gen processor.


Also gigabyte and asus have released 7th gen Bios update for their H110 motherboards. Just poor after-market support by Lenovo on their products.

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