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Punch Card
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Ideacentre Stick 300 Power Cable

The cable that comes with the Stick 300 is very short. Is there a longer alternative? I realize you could use an extension cord and plug the adapter into that, but that defeats the portable nature of the device. I would like to know


- what power adapter options exist ( could you use an external battery, for example)

- what micro USB power cables might work


If you lose the Lenovo cable is a replacement even available? 


Thanks ...

Punch Card
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Registered: ‎12-09-2008
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Re: Ideacentre Stick 300 Power Cable

Well, I can now answer some of my questions.

- you do not need the Lenovo power cable. Not every micro USB to USB charging cable works. The stick 300 is very finicky when it comes to the power it receives. Most cables attached to the Lonovo charger work but many won’t keep the stick 300 working. It just powers down after a brief time.

- the Anker Poweline micro USB 6’ charging cable works great with the Lenovo charger. So does a 3’ Samsung tablet charging cable but not a longer Samsung charging cable.

- you can run the stick 300 off a battery pack which is neat and it also works off an iPad 10 watt charger. The battery pack can output more than 2 amps of current which probably keeps the stick 300 from shutting down since it should draw the power it needs. Not sure about that though. That is, just because the battery can output that much doesn’t mean it will.

The bottom line is that the stick does work with more than just the supplied Lenovo cable and charger which is very nice as the 3’ Lenovo cable is not as practical for me at least.

I could not get it to power reliably from a Sony 900E USB port on the TV.

Took ages to get the stick upgraded and working properly. Am able to run a Bluetooth remote and wifi simultaneously. I did upgrade the video with the Intel drivers in order to get sound via hdmi.

Hope this helps someone out there. Not a lot of information available. Kind of a niche product but very neat when it works. The fan is audible when using the wifi extensively.

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