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What's DOS?
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Ideacentric 300



I’ve encountered the weirdest thing today... The WiFi on the 300 just disappeared! The only thing I can access is Airplane Mode and Bluetooth Netwrok Connection which is not connected and won’t allow me to do so (unless I’m just doing something wrong)


When I double click on the Bluetooth Network it opened up another window (Bluetooth Personal Area Network Devices) but nothing is there.


Can anyone please help me with a solution or at least point me in the right direction. thanks in advance.

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Re: IdeaCenter 300

You could get an inexpensive USB-to-Ethernet adapter, which would give you an Internet connection & also allow you to update the WiFi driver.

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Re: Ideacentric 300

Hi Big_Dazz, welcome to the forum.


It will be interesting to know which IdeaCentre it is, like 300S-11ISH or 300-20IBR or maybe some other.


What I would check in your case is if the Wifi adapter is being recognize by Windows. The easy way to find that is to check the Windows "Device Manager" and check under "network adapter" to see if you there is a wifi network adapter recognized or not. It may be with a yellow icon is the driver is missing. The adapter can be Intel, Qualcomm, Realtek brand.


Knowing the exact model number of the IdeaCentre 300 can point us to the Lenovo support site of that model to see if reinstalling the driver will help us solve that problem.





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