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Is the 300 stick a tablet or a PC?

Now, this may sound like a stupic question, or even worse, a "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin" inane question, but it is not.  It affects whether a Microsoft Office 365 (Personal or Home) subscription counts the 300 stick against the device count limit for a PC or for a tablet.


I installed Office 365 (subscription) Home on the 300 stick, and assumed (since most televisions are not very portable!) that it counted as a PC against my limit of five PCs.  However, looking at for my account, my 300 stick (along with my Microsoft Surface 3) are labeled tablets.  If that list reflects the test that the Office 365 installer uses, then that's good news, at least in my case.


I have not confirmed this, ...


I have now apparently confirmed this!  I exceeded my limits for Office 365 Home (limit of five PCs and five tablets) by having four Dell tower machines, one Microsoft Surface 3, and one Lenovo 300 stick, all actively licensed to run Office 365 Home.  That's six machines, so clearly either the Surface 3 or the 300 stick (or both) are considered tablets for the purpose of Office 365 Home licensing.

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