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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎10-27-2016
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Lenovo S510 Desktop - BIOS Recovery help please

I have a brand new Lenovo S510 Desktop (small form factor).  This one:



As usual, the first thing I do with any new pc is to update the software, drivers and BIOS.


Downloaded the lastest BIOS from here.

I chose the "Flash UEFI BIOS update (Flash from operating system)" version.



Ran the utility from Windows 10 x64.


After the utility ran in Windows, the machine shutdown and rebooted into the BIOS Setup Screen and began writing the new BIOS file, as expected.


The BIOS update got to about 25% complete in the status bar and then froze during the "writing boot block" portion.


I left the computer there for about an hour with no change.


Powered down the machine eventually and, as feared, upon restarting:

- the machine turns on

- hdd runs, fan runs etc

- but there is no video

- no beeps, nothing


So, BIOS appears to be bricked.



What is the correct method to perform a BIOS recovery on this specific model?

It's a current 2016 model.  BIOS is AMI if I remember correctly while staring at the BIOS setup screen.


Unfortunately, the S510 Desktop support pages don't appear to have any model-specific instructions for BIOS recovery.  As a result I've been trying recovery instructions for other Lenovo models... but have been unsuccessful so far.


If possible, I'd prefer to recover from a usb stick but will do whatever works at this point.


Appreciate any help the community can offer.



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