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Recover IP Address D400 Lenovo Homeserver

A friend from me has a lenovo homeserver. Because the client crashs and he forgot the ip address of the homeserver we must recover only the ip address of the server. is this possible and how can i do it?

many thanks.

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Re: Recover IP Address D400 Lenovo Homeserver

You need to connect internally to that server? Connect directly your computer, wait until you have a "LAN connection" an tgen go to command line and type ipconfig.


The IP from "Gateway" is the IP from the server. Another thing is to try something like or or


Best regards.

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Re: Recover IP Address D400 Lenovo Homeserver

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Hi dr-freund, and welcome to the Lenovo User Community!


You can make the client re-acquaint itself with the server by navigating to C:\Program Files\Windows Home Server\ and running Discovery.exe. 


If this fails, log in to your router and check to see if it gives you a "list of attached devices". You should see the Windows Home Server there.


You should also see the router set up to port forward to the WHS LAN IP.


Alternatively, use Remote Desktop Connection to log in to the WHS using only it's name if you are on the LAN, or navigate in Internet Explorer to https://<name> from outside the LAN.


Hope this helps!

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