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SATA II Drives

I have a 3000 J115 desktop system and have recently attempted to add a SATA II hard drive utilizing the spare SATA socket on the system board.  The drive works, but takes a very long time (~30 seconds) to detect at boot time in the bios.  I'm wondering if the J115 is SATA II compliant or if it was a designed just before SATA II drives were introduced.  My J115 docuemtation does not mention SATA II and I'm not able to find anything about it in the knowledge base.  Does anyone on this forum know if the J115 supports SATA II?
An option is to pick up a PCI Express SATA II controller card and plug it in there.
Any comments are welcome.
Thanks, Dave
Token Ring
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Re: SATA II Drives

According to what I have found on the web, it has a SATA-300 interface, which would be SATA-II (SATA-1 is 150).