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What's DOS?
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Stick 300 - Install OpenELEC/Kodi

I'm trying to get OpenELEC to install on my stick 300. I already have the latest BIOS (v10) but I can't seem to boot off USB.


The version of OpenELEC I have is OpenELEC-Generic.x86_64-6.0.3.img.gz


Was anyone sucessful to get this working?


I'm sooo frustrated with Lenovo right now for making this stick soo restricted, Intel Compute Stick is practically the same thing but has better UNRESTRICTED bios, so if this doesn't work, im going to dump lenovo for intel

Token Ring
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Re: Stick 300 - Install OpenELEC/Kodi

Turn off Secure Boot in the bios settings. If that doesn't work, recognise that there are two types of usb flash drive. One type detected as a removable drive, the other as a hard drive. PCs will generally boot from one or the other of these (due to a standards change). Try the other kind.


You likely need to make a UEFI boot drive, not an old style boot drive.


You will find exactly the same issues with any PC, including the intel stick. These are not specific to Lenovo. This stick will boot fine from an external drive.


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