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Blue Screen Again
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Trouble connecting to internet (wireless)


Whats the best device to connect 2 desktop computers and 1 server to wireless network. I have tried connecting wifi devices but the connection speed is very low. 

I'm using a netgear device and my router is belkin.

Please suggest any brands or model which can serve my purpose. Also if I connect 3-4 extra devices my speed remains ok. I'm on 50 MBPS plan. Any suggestion will be much appreciated.





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Re: Trouble connecting to internet (wireless)

Hi seotintin


It depends a lot of the use that you are going to give to that network.


I usually have a simple network with 1server connected with ethernet to the wireless router, which is connected also with ethernet cable to the Internet modem. And the rest of desktop/laptop machines are connected to the wifi. But my network is to basically to surf the internet and store some "not that big" files on the network. I don't do huge and constant data transfer to the server.



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