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Unexpected Memory Upgrade Problem

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I upgraded my PC's memory this weekend, only to downgrade because of an unexpected problem  I installed Item No. 20-148-111 MEM 2Gx2|CRUC CT2KIT25664AA667 R 4GB memory upgrade kit that I purchased from I installed the memory on 01-10-09, I had a few BSOD's, but otherwise, things seemed to be working just fine. That is however until I tried opening up email or go on the internet. I have AT & T UVERSE and go through a 2WIRE router/modem. This new memory somehow affected my PC's ability to use DHCP or DNS. My 2WIRE router/modem was giving me am APIPa address, instead of an IP address within the range that I should have been getting. My wife told me to put the original back in place and see what happens. To me this was the sort of logic that states that your car does not start because your muffler is broken. Possible I guess, but unlikely. I then put the original memory back in place, and my network connectivity returned. I was then able to get email and go out on the internet. Surprise! Surprise! I have also sent a message to both Newegg and Crucial regarding the same issue. I will soon see what they say. 


Thanks To All,

David L. Fetters


I believe that I have solved this problem, half solved anyway, with the Tech Support help from Crucial. This is a fix that I should have thought of myself. It was suggested to be to try only one stick of memory at a time. The chances that both sticks are memory are very high. So, I put in one new stick of memory, after taking out the original, and every thing runs just fine. I will find out tonight whether or not the other stick of memory is bad or not. I will put the second stick of memory in and see what happens.


Just going from 1GB to 2GB has made a huge improvement in how my PC runs.


So, if anyone else runs into this problem, then here is your solution. I will post what happens with the second stick.


Thanks Again,


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