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Re: G550 fan problem

2009-12-09, 9:32 AM

Lenovo i am waiting. This fan on/off really iritates and makes me nervouse.

This is my first lenovo laptop and because of the support(and this problem) it looks like it's going to be my last if nothing soon happens.


My girlfriend has a lenovo g550 (the model without the nvidia GPU) and her laptop works fine (no fan on/off when the cpu is at 2-3%)


The reseller told me everything is fine wait for an bios update but i use my old laptop because of the irritating sound he won't even "listen" to the problem.


The problem is from  september and still no bios in sight.


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Re: G550 fan problem

2009-12-09, 11:59 AM

That's interesting. You are right, the heat problem is coming from the Nvidia chip.

If you open the laptop you will see that the instead of a proper heatsink it has a long  thin strip of copper going over the CPU and GPU together.

The nvidia 210m needs much much better cooling, so it heats up the entire mini heatsink in minutes and the heat is transferred to the cpu which otherwise would have been fine. Genius design from Lenovo, the legendary chinese quality in action.

Must be the first company that managed to efficiently cook the cpu with the heat coming from the graphic card, all to save 100 grams of copper.


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Re: G550 fan problem

2009-12-09, 14:49 PM

Its not the point of problem! Big problem is fan. Lenovo G550 can't adjust fan speed and it spin like crazy. Fan spins on maximum or at minimum speed, without any other rpm.


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Re: G550 fan problem

2009-12-09, 16:23 PM

I had "funny" experience here in Sweden. I contacted the shop I bought it from. They refused to refund and instead I was given Lenovo Sweden customer support number. When I called there, I was told that these laptops have their own support line and was given number. Very polite people are working at Lenovo. When I dialed number I was given, guess what....it is not working and when I called back to Lenovo, they just were sorry that they can't help me. I love this! They really do not care about their customers. I think this problem will have to wait long time for solution, if it ever happens! 


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Re: G550 fan problem

2009-12-09, 17:38 PM

My friend has the same g550A-5 laptop as me manifactured the same day and bought the same day and he has no problem with this !!!!


The problem only occours when the processor is about 2-3% of power (when ilde, surfing , working in word, etc) it is very very irritating because the processor is 0 or 100% every 2 sec. the problem is that the fan has only on and off and no control wire.


So this is a manifacturing problem (because he has the same laptop without this problem made the same day in the factory on the same serial line !!)  


Changing the fan algorithm in BIOS is only a hack. The shop where i bought it said i should wait for the BIOS update but like i sad the laptop is broken in the manufacture because it make no sense that one laptop has the problem and the other not.


The laptop is been manufactured on 11.11.2009 so they still haven't fixed the problem!!

I am currently writing from my old HP laptop because the g550 is unusable when i work more then 30 mins because it irritates too much.


I tried it on winXP, win7 the same problem w/wo the energy management tool and with the chipset driver.


SpeedFan doesn't work because the BIOS doesn't support it and if the fix the bios (fan algorithm) that is still a hack the hardware problem is still there !


I will send the laptop to service tomorrow i hope they will replace it with a working one i really like the model but if they "hack" it this is going to be my last lenovo and i am a CS student so you lost 10+ laptop solds in the future


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Re: G550 fan problem

2009-12-09, 18:01 PM

The Hungarian Lenovo support is puzzled.


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Re: G550 fan problem

2009-12-09, 20:57 PM

please keep us updated when it comes out of the support ... if it´s true that it is a hardware fault they should fix it in the support. thanks for your comment !


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Re: G550 fan problem

2009-12-12, 13:57 PM

I'm from Ukraine, got G550 yesterday. Same bug, fan goes on and off all the time. Read about energy managementsoftware , and it seems that lenovo made this soft not right, since it just disturbs everyone. I put this program(energy management) into

"performance mode" and fan seems to be on for a longer period, but it does not solve the problem entirely


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Re: G550 fan problem

2009-12-12, 16:23 PM



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a few days ago, and its a very nice PcRe: G550 fan problem

2009-12-13, 5:59 AM

hey guys, i just recently putchased the G550 as well, a few days ago, and white it is a very, very nice laptop, i have began to notice the fan, when iw atch a movie, the fan kicks on high instantly, but one i pause or stop the movie it goes back to silent, and when im browsing, there ar ethe 10sec. intervals as some have said, so comon Lenovo send us a new update for this problem, as well im running Windows Home Premium 64bit, with a T4300 processor, the machine never gets hot, the fan just gets loud

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