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Re: G550 fan problem SOLVED

2010-03-04, 15:36 PM



Unfortunately I cannot supply you with all the information you requested.  I sent my G550 2958-3CU in for repairs so i don't have it.

It was sent to Grapevine, Tx  Case #Wn1781706 - it arrived there on March 2, 2010

It was on BIOS version 2.01 prior to the attempted update.  The update, of course, was the 64bit version that became available and was later removed from the download page.


The flash program was run under Window7 64 bit and it proceeded normally until the flash program shut the G550 down.   It went down and sat there with the fan running non-stop and stayed there for 5-10 minutes at which time I powered it off.

It would not power on or POST after that.


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Re: G550 fan problem SOLVED

2010-03-05, 1:29 AM

I have the same story mine went to the service center as well. In an earlier post I have the specs except the pre bios-flash version.


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Re: G550 fan problem

2010-03-05, 22:58 PM

Just for the record, I received a new G550 this morning and found the fan noisily cycling on and off.

 Was just about to send it back as being faulty, but I found this thread and updated the BIOS. Problem solved.



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Re: G550 fan problem

2010-03-08, 18:28 PM

found this from this user - you could try this (hope this'll help all you folks.)


Re: N200 769-EAG CPU FAN PROBLEM !!![ Edited ]

Hi Guys!


I own a N200 0769 BDG (T5250) with Vista Business. Unfortunately, Lenovo really messed up the fan control. I have searched the internet for solutions and the only way to get the fan less annoying, seems to be Notebook Hardware Control (NHC).

Install the software and implement the ACPI scrip.

Now you can control the temperature when the fan is supposed to go on and off.

My settings are: on at 62°C and off at 57°C. This is perhaps a little hot but I like my notebook quiet and I haven't experienced any problems.


Hopefully, this solution works on your machines as well.

Message Edited by mattmilten on 07-21-2008 02:37 PM
Re: N200 769-EAG CPU FAN PROBLEM !!! 

There is a folder named ACPI in your NCH folder. You have to copy the two files into this folder and change the model type in the .xml file to the name of your model.

After restarting NHC the script should work.


3000 N200 BDG, Vista Business 32bit
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Re: N200 769-EAG CPU FAN PROBLEM !!! 

By the way, if someone can't find the script:

Just give me your e-mail address and I will send it to you.


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Re: G550 fan problem

2010-03-11, 9:38 AM



Does Lenovo plan to release the x64 version of the BIOS upgrade, or should we try to run it from a x32 operating system?





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Re: G550 fan problem

2010-03-17, 22:34 PM

Got my g550 back from the service. They have changed the board and reimaged my harddrive (lost many apps installed :( ). I downloaded the latest Bios for 64Bit Win 7 and was success this time. I had Vista on the drive, reinstalled with Win 7 HPrem. refresh. Installed latest Bios, it's all good now. They got a new Bios for download (updated on Mar15th)


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Re: G550 fan problem

2010-03-18, 13:19 PM

Hi All,


Thanks to mybest23 for the update. Yes a new bios is released on 12th March. I apologize for not posting here immediately as i was not informed about it. Anyway, here's the bios detail:


Bios for Win 7 64-bit

Version: 42

File size: 2.22MB


I'd like to thank all of you for your patience and thankful for your feedback for improvement :)




T410, x240

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Novi Sad, Serbia

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Re: G550 fan problem

2010-03-19, 8:42 AM

I got my lenovo g550 about a month ago. At first I didn't notice the problem with the fan but when I was doing some work in a quiet environment I started to notice a rather unusual way of fan operation. The fan is not active for about three minutes then it kicks in full speed and works for a full minute and then the cycle repeats. I found this forum, read it all and I downloaded the BIOS update for my win 7 32 bit (v 2.51). I thought the problem was solved indeed because the fan kicked in full speed every 15 min or when I put some load on the cpu (games etc), until recently, actually until 4 days ago when the old 3 min cycle started again. I surfed the forum again and I saw that one user suggests that the problem was not fixed just that the period between fan activations was prolonged. I figured that he had a point, since I got 4 other notebooks and none of their fans operate that way.

Well, as everyone else on this forum, I ask for help from lenovo.


I hope they'll appreciate customer loyalty, because this is my first lenovo but I've been a very satisfied user of an IBM ThinkPad for 7 years now..


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Novi Sad, Serbia

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Re: G550 fan problem

2010-03-19, 8:54 AM

I forgot to mention my configuration (if it helps):

c2d t6600

nvidia geforce g210m

3gb ddr3

320gb hdd


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Re: G550 fan problem

2010-03-19, 23:42 PM

same problem here, almost identic configuration, 4 G ddr 3.

it is not solved, this problem requires more working time, more tests from lenovo team and better understanding of this issue.

hope we' ll get a good feedback by solving this the right way in the end

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