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Blue Screen Again
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3000 N100 54A: 3 Months in Repair, ended up with the same problem

<Complaint No P18D340> - Sr. # L3F6171 - Type # 0768 54A

Hello there,

I bought a 3000 N100 54A machine in September 2006. Worked fine and barring the sound the machine was good and served well for 11 months until in August 2007. The screen showed horizontal lines and the display vanished. I called up Lenovo service who asked me to bring it to their local service center. However, the next day morning the machine started working fine.

September 13th, 2007
Round No 1 to Lenovo Service Center
Cut to September 13th, when the problem showed up again and I went to local Lenovo service center. They checked the machine and admitted the problem. I was then asked to register a complaint with IBM service center through their Toll Free no. The complaint was registered and I was asked to come back when they received the parts. The local service guy said he would call in as soon as the spares arrived.

September 25th, 2007

Round No 2 to Lenovo Service Center
The call came in after 10 days, and I gave the machine to Ingram Micro (their local service node). The service engineer said he would return the machine within next two days and repairs should not take more than 48 hours.

When I called up on October 27th, the guy said that they are having some problem with the sound and would return the machine as soon as the driver is fixed up. They also reported that they have changed the motherboard and the TFT Screen.

However, after repeat follow ups, the machine was to be recieved only after 8 days on October 1st, 2008. The service engineer said that he has fixed up everything. I picked up the machine in a hurry and came back home. I did not get the opportunity to use the machine for next one week as I was stuck up with the business. Finally when I opened the machine on October 10th, 2008, I discovered that their was no sound. I tried using the headphones, and I discovered that when I inserted the headphone jack, the machines speakers also started playing. This was exactly opposite to what should be happening.
    - The microphone was not working
    - The PCMCIA Slot button was choked with a piece of paper
    - The CD-ROM drive was totally stuck

I called up local Ingram office on October 12th and received an assurance that repairs will be done and I can send the
laptop in the coming week (They were closed on 13th and 14th weekend)

October 16th, 2007
Round No 3 to Lenovo Service Center
(Machine out of warranty now)
Sent the laptop for repairs at Ingram Center October 16th, 2007 The person present at the desk requested us to wait for a week since the engineer has left on a vacation. Suggested we should come after dussehara (An Indian festival scheduled for October 21st, 2007.) I was on tour again and came back on October 29th.

November 1st, 2007
Round No 4 to Lenovo Service Center

I went back to Ingram Micro center on November 1st, and they said that they can not take in the machine as it was out of warranty now! When I told them that it was a problem that related to their existing complaint and was not created by us. I was asked to speak to one Mr Mani in Bangalore office of IBM Support. He listened to my complaint and then spoke to the local service engineer, who told him about the problem and how it happened due to the previous service engineer's ignorance.

I was then asked to mail the complaint to Mr Mani with details, who assured me that he will get back to me soon. He said that he will have to take permission from his superiors since the case was closed and e-claims would not work.

Meanwhile he requested me to leave the machine with the engineer who can check the machine and do the needed repairs.
The engineer then asked me to leave the machine their so that he can go through the problem. He assured me that it was a driver problem and will fix it soon.

Last week of November, 2007, Machine still with Lenovo

It took him more than 20 days to report back that the problem was infact with the Sound chip and said he has ordered a new motherboard. He also asked me that I can take the machine back and he will call when the motherboard arrives. I refused and asked him to kindly give me a fixed machine. Finally I received a mail on November 29th, 2008, which said the following:

Dear Mani Sir,

As per your instructions in conference with Mr. Anand Jain I received laptop and checked and found its sound is not coming when ever we put the external speaker. As per smart center help I suspected its USB sound port is faulty. Kindly log a complaint to replace the faulty part as an exception.

Lap top details are as below:-

Sr. # L3F6171
Type # 0768 54A
Problem :- sound out put not coming, If put external speaker its coming on both internal as well as on external speakers.

We have resolved most of the issues except sound. To resolve the sound problem I had taken help of Mr.Kalim and Mr. Ashish(Smart center) and with Mr. Banti, Mr. Jatin and Mr. Arshid (IBM delhi) and updated/ installed the software's, drivers and XP updates.

Thanks & Regards,
Dinesh Singh

Second week of December, 2007
Another long wait for me and I finally collected my machine in the Second week of December. I then received a call from Mr Mani about the service and I thanked him for giving me the machine with the sound fixed.

To my horror, when I tried connecting the machine to my Ethernet Network, the Jack went straight in. There was no Ethernet Port in the machine. I immediately ran to the service center and got the machine checked. The service engineer admitted the problem and we spoke to Mr Mani again. Mr Mani grumbled at me for not checking the machine when I was picking up the machine, but again was nice enough to co-operate and admit the machine.

I requested him to give me a new machine as they were not able to find a new working motherboard for the system. They said that they are ordering a high level enquiry and would order a new planar (motherboard) again.

The waiting goes on....

December 31st, 2007

The old service engineer is missing. The new gentleman was courteous and gave me the machine fixed. As per instructions, I check the machine physically, and agreed to pick it up under a 30 day observation. I spoke to Mr. Manivannan and thanked him for his co-operation. He also agreed on the 30 day observation and wished me luck.

January 5, 2007

Opened the machine for installation, restored the factory settings and Windows XP, Installed Thunderbird and restored Mail backups.

January 6, 2007

The Horizontal lines are back right there and the display is gone.

It has been more than 3 months of my machine lying with Lenovo and unusable and today again I have ended up with a dead machine. I has been very very painful and now I need to find out what Lenovo is going to do about it.

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Re: 3000 N100 54A: 3 Months in Repair, ended up with the same problem

Thank you for sharing your well documented account.  
I have shared with the appropriate team for investigation and further actions.

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