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Fanfold Paper
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Re: 3000 N100 Battery Problem

Mark - I too am experiencing the battery problem on my 3000 N100 0768AQ1. The system says it is charging, but the system has been on for hours and it is only at 2%. The battery will not charge and the system shuts down immediately if I disconnect AC power and will not restart without AC power. I have gone through the forums but the link given is no more available. Please help.
Punch Card
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3000 N100 Battery issue

Hi to everybody 


Same like other's my laptop battery died in 18 months (FRU P/N 92P1184) all of sudden its stop charging and showing 3% battery power and as soon as I remove the power cable laptop goes off instantly, for this I lost the mobility of laptop and have to remain stuck on table, I gone through the forums and learned there is no way other than to replace with new battery,


Being in technical field I gone through the battery and circuits inside I found here scp faulty after fixing this I got my battery back to work as before,


Seems here I was lucky, thought of sharing with all of you 




Mahesh Peswani 

Punch Card
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Re: 3000 N100 Battery issue

My battery just died on me two days ago. I think the return policy was stopped in Oct. Can anyone help me with this issue?SOS.
Paper Tape
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Re: 3000 N100 Battery Problem

Got a new battery, but when the laptop is on, the battery does not charges. If I unplugged the power cable and plug it again, the battery indicator changes to "charging" but after about 15 secons turns to battery and stops charging.


The battery charges right when laptop is off.


 Any idea??

What's DOS?
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Re: 3000 N100 Battery Problem

MARK - I have encountered every problem stated above from the faulty battery, the degarded hard disk because of the laptop constantly shutting down by itself while jacked in the adaptor; have replaced the battery with faulty battery, and although LENOVO HAS NEVER INFORMED ME OF THE FAULTY BATTERY PRODUCT and i had to find out for myself on the website, LENOVO WILL NOT REPLACE MY BATTERY BECAUSE the warranty it was purchased on Dec 2007.


WOW. how intelligent.


Now i find this highly insulting to the brand name and the intelligence of the PAYING customers of this product, and that the MALAYSIAN customer service should extend a more helpful hand and policies should be revised as so the customers are not CHEATED by lenovo's own faults.


I HOPE that soon, all the victims will be issued newer batteries from the support in their respective countries.


we look forward to good news before this is brought to greater lengths. 

What's DOS?
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Re: 3000 N100 Battery Problem

I also bought a lenovo 3000 N100 around 2 years ago, after the 19th or 20th month my battery also stopped working, I didnt research much about it and didnt buy a replacment as I was using my Laptop for university reasons and I was on a gap year the moment my battery broke.

I dont use my Laptop much as I only use it for classes, now that I am back to university I decided to research on the subject and found out that my battery had an extended 6 months warranty, from which im already past date.

I dont see why would a Company extend a warranty of a known defective product when it just should replace it no questions asked.

Why should I be penalized because I didnt use my Laptop as much as someone else and therefore had their battery problems rise up earlier, didnt I pay the same money as the user who used his laptop 10 hours a day and stumbled with the battery problem 6 months earlier then I did?

I would like some answers regarding this matter please.



Paper Tape
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Re: 3000 N100 Battery Problem

I'm jumping on the band waggon.  I also have the same problems with my Lenovo 3000 N100 laptop battery. 


I have a Lenovo 3000 N100 and i am having some problems with keeping the computer on; it will not stay on and the batter wont charge.  when the batter had power, i still had to keep it pluged into the wall in order for it to stay on, it wouldnt stay on unplugged.  Now that the batter has 0% power, the computer WILL NOT stay powered while plugged into the wall.  What's going on!! I see that several people have had the same issues, can any one help as to how their problems were solved if at all.  And i also see that the Mod (Mark) was helping some people here. 


Can I have you assistant as well Mark.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: 3000 N100 Battery Problem

I'm done rip me off let's see how they like the annoying thinkpad lenovo ibm pop up
Punch Card
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Re: 3000 N100 Battery Problem

hello barkat this is some common problem with N100, the battery have to be replaced with new one or has to be fixed. 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: 3000 N100 Battery Problem

friends.. i am also having the same problem....


my battery meter shows 2-3% of remaining charge... i am out of the extended warranty, and i am 100% sure that there are many more like me.. who is facing the problem just because of faulty product from lenovo or sony... whatever..


afterall  lenovo is responsible for this kind of fraud to its customer because they state that product is properly tested before delivery... but the case of battery not charging proves that how true they are...


i am an electronic hobbiest.. and as i was not under warranty... i opened the battery and found that the cells inside the battery case are all right and are in good condition. the problem is with the protection board.

Protection board controls the charging current and voltage for the battery and regulates the voltage for laptop when there is no AC. This board protects cell from getting over-charged or under-charged. 

 there is a chip on this board which gets damaged and prevents the battery from charging... Now what i concluded is that... the protection board is not compatible with the power capacity of the battery and the laptop...

To rectify this problem.. there is the need of different protection board.. which costs very much less than the cells inside the battery case... BUT who is going to do this for us.


I was not aware of the problem and free battery replacement...untill i also came under the problem and now it is late for me and many too...

A battery is essential for a laptop to run smoothly.. and the way lenovo is trying to earn from its customer by giving a faulty accessory in its product is crystal clear.. even lenovo cant legaly state that these batteries are fault free and dont need replacement.

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