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Serial Port
Posts: 144
Registered: ‎03-15-2008
Location: Indonesia
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Probable Solution for Showing Remaining Battery Time

This software: Notebook hardware control shows the time remaining on my laptop (Lenovo 3000 N100). Try it. Other details & download link is given in this thread:
3000 N100-0768DKU
XP Home 5.01.2600 SP2
Ubuntu 8.04(hardy)
Token Ring
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Registered: ‎03-08-2008
Location: Slovakia
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Re: 3000 N200 0769BNG battery remaining time

I tried Notebook Hardware control yet but in the collum remaining time i have : unavaliable. So even this program cannot show remaining battery time.
Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎04-26-2008
Location: Germany
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Re: 3000 N200 0769BNG battery remaining time

Some days ago, I bought a Lenovo 3000 N200, and I'm quite happy with it. I'm using ArchLinux and Gentoo, and Linux often provides a bit more of information than windows does. So, I think there are some things the battery gives correct information about (the following is full-charged output of /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/info):

present:                 yes
design capacity:         5100 mAh
last full capacity:      5100 mAh
battery technology:      rechargeable
design voltage:          11100 mV
design capacity warning: 420 mAh
design capacity low:     156 mAh
capacity granularity 1:  264 mAh
capacity granularity 2:  3780 mAh
model number:            PA3465U
serial number:           #####
battery type:            Li-Ion
OEM info:                COMPAL

but the output of /proc/acpi/battery/BAT1/state (as follows)

present:                 yes
capacity state:          ok
charging state:          charged
present rate:            0 mA
remaining capacity:      5100 mAh
present voltage:         11100 mV

always says present rate 0mA (and also always the specified voltage, what in-fact is quite not possible). That explains why some battery-watching-tools can guess a time, but can't do it instantly, just after watching the remainig capacity over some time - they just don't get a current mA-rate.

I also wonder why it's BAT1 and not BAT0, in fact there is no BAT0...

A second problem is (but in this point, I'm not sure yet if it's my own fault), that my cpu is, while idle, only 50% time in C2-state, the remaining 50% it's in C0 (and that with 150 - 200 wakeups / sec). Thats a bit stupid, because it's a waste of energy, and other laptops with dualcore do it without problems.

So far.