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3000 N200 stalls while booting

2009-12-06, 21:40 PM

I have a 3000 N200, 769 BHG. I've been using it occasionally during the past year.

I had a go at shrinking my C disk, since I am planning on creating a partition for Ubuntu - . My N200 is so slow using Vista Home Basic, see. Didn’t do anything with the newly created partition, but I changed the lettering of the DVD-RW-drive in order to be able to use ”D” for the new partition.

I restarted, and I now only get as far as


1 the new default dead end

a white page with lenovo written on it (centered, vertically) with an intel logo up right and a phoenix logo down right. A message below left. ”To interrupt normal startup, press Lenovo Care button” but nothing more. Pressing any button after some time has passed doesn’t trigger any event.

2 Pressing F1

Pressing F1 a couple of times and ”getting lucky” gives me a Please Wait … message

3 Starting with the power or with the Lenovo Care button

and pressing the Lenovo Care button again soon after the system starts coming to life, gives me an MSDOS type of screen (white text on black) and it stops after the following is displayed:


Phoenix TrustedCore™ NB

Copyright 1985-2006 Phoenix Technologies Ltd.

All Rights Reserved


IEL10 BIOS Version 68ET27WW (V1.11)

CPU = Intel® Celeron® CPU 530 @1.73GHz

3072M System Ram Passed

1024 KB L2 Cache

System BIOS shadowd

Video BIOS shadowed


Fixed Disk 0: WDC WD1200BEVS-08RST2

Mouse initialized


Nothing else ever happens.


New variant, after pressing F12 repeatedly upon turning on.

Message: Press [F1] for SETUP, Entering boot device selection menu …

But nothing more happens. 


All attempts at booting fail.

I have a feeling the missing formatting of a new partition may have caused the boot problem, so I'm hoping to learn of a way to make the system boot. Does anyone know what I should do?




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Re: 3000 N200 stalls while booting

2009-12-07, 6:23 AM

You messed up the master boot record and partition table most likely,

there are usually 1 or two hidden partitions on these

Lenovos, recovery partition, and utility partition.


If you have a vista disk you might have a go at

fixing it from the recovery console. There is help on the web for that,,

I can not supply instructions as every case is different.

I have done similar things myself, and it is a learning experience!


Can you boot the Ubuntu disk, or a win vista disk? If not, you will probably have to

start from scratch. If you can boot Ubuntu (or Linux Mint, my fav), you should

be able to save any files you need and start over with linux. Way faster

than Vista on these slightly older models. Just replaced Vista/Win 7

on mine with Mint.


  HERE is a web page to give you an idea of what you are up against

when trying to fix MBR or partition table.


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Re: 3000 N200 stalls while booting

2013-11-03, 6:12 AM



I use win xp on my 3000 N200. Out of curiosity i set the BIOS to its default and i thats it. I keep getting this message.

What happens is.. i get the same message. F1 for set up F2 to resume.


When i hit F2. It gors to windows advanced options menu. And when i select start windows normally or select any of the boot modes. I get a BSOD( not even for a sec) and the notebook reboots to the lenovo screen and then the same messgae. This loop continues.. Dunno wad to do. Any help guys? :( 

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