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Paper Tape
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Audio driver problem ,Vista to XP, C200


I installed Win XP Home on my Lenovo 3000 C200 (8922-BXG) which was installed with Win Vista Home Premium from factory. The installation was smooth, but the the realtek audio driver doesn't work. I tried with the XP and Vista driver from Lenovo's support site, but without having succes. After Google'ing 3 hours it seems that this forum is my last change to get help.

Has someone a solution/driver for this problem.





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Re: Audio driver problem ,Vista to XP, C200

Knud, welcome to the forum,


have a look at the Notes on this site and ensure you have everything installed in order het the driver can work;


- DirectX 9.0C is required for before installing this audio driver. Visit the following site for more information regarding DirectX and download instructions:
- UAA High Definition Audio Class Driver (Article ID 888111) should be installed before installing this package.


Hope this helps



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Paper Tape
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Registered: ‎01-04-2009
Location: Denmark
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Re: Audio driver problem ,Vista to XP, C200

Hi Andy,

thanks for your quick response.

Unfortunatly it didn't help. I still get the same errormessage (without error code) when I try to install the audio driver.


If you take a look on the Win Vista driver site(, the driver file looks for me very dedicated compared to other drivers, e.g for Win XP.

I wonder if there are drivers available for Win XP for this onboard sound chip. Is there a way to determine the soundchips model type? Maybe a search on the web can then find a apropriate 3. party driver. 

Punch Card
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Re: Audio driver problem ,Vista to XP, C200

[ Edited ]

Just a simple solution: got sp3 and sound driver from lenovo website, not other action required

Audio driver:

If you still got sp2:, install the first one, and ALWAYS before sound driver (also modem apply)


Why do you complicate with this simple procedure? thanks God that not got HP nor Compaq, their drivers has to install manually

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Paper Tape
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Re: Audio driver problem ,Vista to XP, C200

Hi jcmolero,

I have Win Xp SP3 installed and the driver you have linked to is the same as andyP and I have referred to.

So this didn't really help.

Paper Tape
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Re: Audio driver problem ,Vista to XP, C200

I'd like to borrow this thread to ask a question.


Since you downgraded from vista to XP I thought I could ask if there is anything you need to think of or just put XP in there?

I heard that someone said that certain Lenovo-drivers was needed to be copied before attempting to install XP.

Something with the SATA-drivers I believe.. Is that true?


Answer is greatly appreciated!



Paper Tape
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Re: Audio driver problem ,Vista to XP, C200

Well, if you excluded the audio driver problem, it was just to install Win XP. I made a backup of my drivers, used Driver Genius, before i formatted the HD, but afterwards I only used the Win XP installation disk.

After having installed all servicepack, I also used Lenovo's driver update tool which can be found on their homepage.


So back to your question, I didn't have problems with the SATA-drivers.



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