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Paper Tape
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Back up to XP

I own a Lenovo 3000 N200, with Vista business and the Wireless connection was terrible, dropped all the time.

I updated the drivers to the Notebook, reinstalled Vista after a format of the Harddrive and it never fixed the issue.  I was also getting terrible range from the wireless signal, which made no sense as my IBM T42 was getting great reception and connection status.


As soon as I formatted and put XP PRO back on my system, everything is working fantastic!  No dropped connections, and I get the same reception range as my T42 now.  This is convincing me that the drivers for Vista and the device were the problem.


If you have similar issues, do not be afraid to back out to XP, all the drivers required are available on this site, and you will love the response in general you get (Vista is too much of a RAM hog).


I'm convinced, Vista is the new Windows ME!



removed Vista Business and put XP Pro back on - YEAH!!!!!
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Re: Back up to XP

At the same time, it depends on what you're doing, how much ram you have, and what Vista features you have enabled.


I had fully intended to dump Vista, but after I bumped the ram from 1 to 2 gig, it runs fine.


Mind you, I disabled the Sidebar, but have left the other Aero features in place - mostly because I like the flipper...


The only area where performance really lacks is gaming - as expected - that was the pricepoint decision I made when I picked this unit.


What's DOS?
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Re: Back up to XP

Hi all,


I had much the same experience with a 3000V200 notebook I purchase in May 2007. It came with 1gb, standard battery, and VB. Performance was terrible, battery life minimal, etc.

I first tried the obvious : upgraded to 2Gb, bought an extended life battery, and was more or less content with the changes. I quickly found out, however, that the performance was nowhere near what it should be with the Intel 7100 core duo proc !!


So as not to "risk" anything, I put in a new 2.3 SATA drive in it, and tried to install XPP, with the rescue and recovery disks I had been sent by Lenovo. No luck : "Inernal error" at the beginning, and it would go no further. I then tried to install XP in the usual way, but the sata controller was not recognised by the XP install, and I could not find the proper driver on the web (I am quite familiar with procedure,  hitting F6, and then using a USB flppy drive with the driver on it, etc.). Needless to say, Lenovo support has been non existent to useless, and now that the warranty is over, they could not care less.


In the meantime, i put the original drive back in, and suffer through the dismal performance...


Any suggestions on where I could find this @!?grr@ driver ?? Or the chipset name, so I could then find it at Intel's.


Thanks for any help you can bring me !!!


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