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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Lenovo 3000 N100 0768 DKU- Aggravation

I clicked on Mark's name and sent Private Message in reply to his PM. Hope I did it right and that he got it ok?
What's DOS?
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Lenovo 0768A35 laptop Battery Problem

Hey there!
I have a lenovo laptop of 0768A35 series.The battery has stopped  working suddenly since today morning. I have found out that it is the problem with the battery itself and it will be replaced if the laptop is less than 18 month old.
I bought this laptop in Nagpur India last year in January, but currently I am working in italy. So I would like to know how to get the battery replaced under such circumstances. I would be glad if there is anyone who could help me out with this problem. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Lenovo 0768A35 laptop Battery Problem

give Mark_Lenovo the administrator with a PM and ask him for assistance, he is the only one who can help you out....

there is a thread regarding battery replacement on lenovo 3000 laptops....
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Battery dead.

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Hi mark
The battery of my 3000 N100 does not recharche anymore. The control pannel power meter indicates 3%. Is my battery dead and need to be replaced?  I have found a some information online at lenovo website at MIGR-69671. is i'll be having 6 momnth extended warrenty as maintioned.?  my battery fall under  3000 N100 batteries (fru p/n 92P1186  asm p/n 92P1185) .
notebook 3000 N100
serial number: 1s0768a39xxxxxxx
model number: 0768A39
warrenty expired: 2008-apr-07
Moderator Note; serial number edited for users own protection

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Re: Battery dead.

You need to follow the instructions in MIGR-69671 and contact your local support center about this.


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Re: Battery dead.

According to MIGR-69671 i contacted to  local support of lenovo, they said this notebook has been purchased in aug 2006 by lenove dealer . but i purchased in 7 apr 2007 so i supposed to get 18 months warranty on battery as per MIGR-69671. its not my fault to by lenovo laptop ,its a matter between lenovo dealer and lenovo companyand according to lenovo custermer care i did not get my regular one year warranty from date of purchased, kindly help me in thsi regards
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Re: Lenovo N100 Battery.....Manufacturing defect!

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I tend to disagree with your remarks about Pakistan Lenovo service and the country itself.

I suppose this forum was not made to malign any country or something related to it.

I also disagree with munibshah for his careless remarks as I had a similar sort of issue with my Lenovo but the service provided to me was excellent. Just because you didnt get the replacement, it doesn't give you the liberty to accuse Lenovo in general.

There are several reputed brands and there service centers in Pakistan and are doing quite well.
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Re: Battery dead.

@ kaushalsakaria,


in your position I would contact support again and inform them of when you purchased the notebook from the dealer and offer to provide proof by faxing them a copy of your purchase invoice. Make sure you get a "call number" and note the names of the people you speak to; this could be important at a later date.



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Re: Battery & Shut down problems

I have had that EXACT problem, and before reading this thread, thought it was something that both me and my boyfriend (on seperate machines, purchased only a month apart) were doing.


It seems as though there is a situation with the battery that has been resolved for some, yet not for others.

I purchased my computer september 2006, and the battery died october 2007. (exact same scenario with my boyfriends notebook) A little too coincidental?

However, 5 months down the road, after using it on only A/C power, the computer would not even turn on for longer than a few minutes. 


All you have to do is take out the battery and it will work as a fabulous desktop computer. 


I was told there was nothing I could do because my battery is not covered under the recall and is out of warrenty.


lesson learned: don't buy lenovo. 


I'm waiting to hear back from Mark, however, expect to hear the same conversation as I've had with many tech reps.

No warranty? No recall barcode? no luck. 

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Re: Battery & Shut down problems

Batteries are made by third party companies, regarding battery problem, it equally effects Dell, HP, Apple and wait for it even Sony (whom makes their own cells). Lenovo use similar battery replacement policy as many other laptop companies, it is sort of industrial standards, you won't find other companies doing different things with their battery replacement programs (the cost is born by the Battery manufacturer and the laptop company, and it costs a fair bit). Sony, Sanyo and Panasonic are the major manufacturers of Li-ion cells for all laptop companies around. Pointing fingers of blame at anyone do not really help your situation, just be patient. 
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