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Paper Tape
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Battery life lenovo 3000 Please respond!

Hi everybody.

I'm the proud owner of a Lenovo 3000N100 since over 4 Years; the best laptop I ever owned.Everything is still working fine, but I'm as well a victim of the Bad Batteries Problem early on, unfortunately my battery died on me after the warranty finished(even after the extended period of 1/2 Y.)One year ago( Aug 18. 2008) I decided to buy a new original extended Battery 9cell which set me back almost $200 and now a week ago it started to decease to do it's job( it's just charging to 87% and stays there and if I unplug the power it won't turn on no running on batteries again) My question: Is that the new scheme Lenovo is cursing it's customers with to sell batteries they last only 1 Year????Now I'm exactly 1 week over the warranty and I have probably to buy a new battery which I think I'm gone buy this time a cheap  non-original one not made by Lenovo, I heard they last about one year and cost a fraction of the original... What do You Think????....a very disappointed customer  

Paper Tape
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Re: Battery life lenovo 3000 Please respond!

Please be carefull using non original part, cause it can harm your unit. But if "not original" battery can provide a full warranty not harm on your unit,it worth to try,... right? I had the same problem too but not with lenovo unit, but the other brand.


I hope It works,....Good Luck

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