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Re: Best Buy sold me two Lenovo notebooks without left speakers!

Just released this out. Let's see if they like a little attention from the media on this one.


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Re: Best Buy sold me two Lenovo notebooks without left speakers!

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Best buy is refused me to exchange give another laptop with the same price of working two speakers. No help at this moment, my initial call with Lenova support, advised me to visit to local Best Buy store for exchange.  I am new for this situation and it is very frustrating. Don't know how to handle this


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Re: Best Buy sold me two Lenovo notebooks without left speakers!

Off-topic comments were removed. If you have questions or comments about how the forum is run, direct them to the Forum Housekeeping board after reading the forum rules first. Re Lenovo support, this is a peer-to-peer discussion forum with limited Lenovo participation. There is no guarantee that questions will be answered here.

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Re: Best Buy sold me two Lenovo notebooks without left speakers!

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I usually don't partake in the Blogosphere but this is absolutely appalling that IBM/Lenovo will sell a product with one speaker!!! I read all 12 pages and 113 posts and the issue is still not resolved.


I also noticed that the majority of people who responded to this thread registered within the last week. So I guess we are actually helping the moderators have a job. So when people say we should be thankful that such and such responded to our messages, I say hogwash. They are doing their job. No one pat me on the back when my java code runs flawlessly.

See the one DIMM Slot I can live with because the advertisement stated expandable to 4 GB even though it's standard to have two DIMM Slots.

But the ONE speaker?? Really come on... I know we are in a recession but I flipped my laptop over and it states "Made in China" and China is not in a recession so there's no excuse whatsoever.

I remember it like it was yesterday... I arrived at BB at 7 am Thanksgiving day to be number 14th on line. The high for that day was 37 F. People in line intention wasn't even to buy the G575. They never heard of "Lenovo". I told them "Lenovo" is basically the same company as IBM and IBM make superior products, all the consultants at my job have a Lenovo laptop and IBM stand behind their products. I actually convinced 7 people to buy the G575.

Now Mark the Moderator stated previously (not verbatim) "upto...blah blah blah" So if you are going to use that argument in respect to the Ram. How do you justify your datasheet using the word "speakers" ?The datasheet is suppose to represent all models in the quote on quote "series/family" (whatever that mean).
So is it unreasonable for a buyer to believe in this day and age to not think twice about the below:

• Up to AMD Dual Core E-350 processor
• Up to Genuine Windows® 7 Professional
• 15.6” HD screen (1366x768), 16:9 widescreen
• Up to AMD Radeon™ HD 6370M 1GB graphics
• Up to 8GB DDR3 memory, up to 750GB HDD storage
• Integrated Bluetooth®1 & high-speed 802.11g/n Wi-Fi (maybe up to should be used here for the bluetooth)
• Integrated DVD reader/writer & Blu-ray Combo 1 drive (maybe up to should be used here for the Blue-ray)
• USB2.0 connector & 2in1 card reader (maybe up to should be used here for the 2in1 card reader)
• Integrated 0.3M/2.0M webcam
• Lenovo®
DirectShare – easily synchronize your files with
another notebook without connecting to the internet
• HD graphics support
Stereo speakers
• VeriFace®
face recognition – a fun way to login to
your PC

G757 Datasheet


So now I'm not going to get into a discussion about mono vs stereo but clearly everyone knows that stereo means two channels and mono means one. The word "speakers" hence the "s" at the end means 2 or more. So I guess the buyers are out of this world for thinking that they will get a system for $179.99 with TWO speakers. Yeap those buyers are far fetch.

It was stated that "we should take it up with Best Buy". Seems like someone is passing the buck. So I guess BB said "hey 'Novo we need a laptop for 180 bucks. Oh and don't forget to only put one DIMM Slot and one speaker" That seems logical (sarcasm).

I'm going to take this issue up with the FTC, BBB and my local newspaper. Ideally Lenovo should send BB the speaker and BB should install it free of charge but I will settle for the deal that Textbook got (hopefully I'm lucky enough to get it): 2 ups labels with no box.

I remember in my microcontroller/embedded course in college we used to have speakers 1.5W speakers lying around like there was garbage. Who knew it was so valuable.

Moderator can you please provide me with the full technical datasheet so I can see what's included and what's not.
Thank you.

Note to Moderator(s): I edited this three times so it can pass your community rules.

And like others stated, This will be the first and last IBM/Lenovo product I will EVER buy. Boy this is bad PR.

There's a supermarket around where I live. if a product that is advertise at one price is scanned at the cash register at another price, it's free. Now that's great Public Relations and Customer Service.



Fanfold Paper
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Re: Best Buy sold me two Lenovo notebooks without left speakers!

Guys BB don't care they just put on the shelve, Lenovov is to blame because there the ones that make the Laptop and are responsible for how its made and whats in it. BB relies on Lenovo.for specs.  All I know its  clearly labeled as a G75 that the price is no longer listed on Lenovo's site  but it was400- 450$ and we got Lenovo's/BB  version of a mis-identified, missing components 180$ laptop INSTEAD INSTEAD  of us saving close to 300$ on a real G575 laptop that was a DOORBUSTER Item with limited quanities and its black friday and the laptop is cheap to max the memory with 2 SO-DIMM slots.  


Black Friday only happens 1 time a year and BB and Lenovo can't replace or refund the good deals on laptops that were going on that day.  Knowing what I had to find out after I made the purchase on Black Friday, I would of never wasted my time and money and would of caught a good deal on another laptop.  


I am not sure if I can exchange it because I did open the RAM cover to upgrade the RAM.  Will Lenovo honor that in the event that I can't exchange it from BB?  



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Re: Best Buy sold me two Lenovo notebooks without left speakers!

One SO-Dimm slot may not be that big of deal to any of you's but to me its the difference of not buying it at all.  I am a perfomance enthusiast and to max out the memory to 8 gigs with 1 stick is 100$ and now that laptop turns into a 280$ laptop vs 205$  with 2X4 gig sticks and I like alot more laptops at a 280$ starting price point.  




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Re: Best Buy sold me two Lenovo notebooks without left speakers!

Like I said earlierSmiley Wink....

all this over on a 179.99 purchase! I cant believe this thread continues. BB and Lenovo will use the "we aint responsible for misprints" defense and move on. Its Still a good buy and if you dont like it you got till Jan. 24th to return it (Feb 7th if your a silver rewards member)  Regardless if you believe this was a PLANNED bait and switch by Lenovo and/or Best Buy or the fact Some design Enginneer(s) for Lenovo in china or somewhere decided to take a common build - g575 and remove componets to meet Best Buys price for black friday is up to you and PROVING either will be more effort than reward! I bought two of these laptops for My sons and they are Good (Not Great) 179.99 laptops... heck the WIN7prem. 64 bit OS is worth 100$ alone! Replace the 2gigs with a 4 gig stick for 20.00 and Enjoy! I DO ADMIT for those wanting to Max it out with RAM, single sticks of 8 gig are alot more$$ NOW but they will come down in price. so Enjoy a good Deal  or get a REFUND and move on....Thanks Lenovo and BB for a Good 179.99 deal.

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Re: Best Buy sold me two Lenovo notebooks without left speakers!

I am sorry but its not what I wanted in the first place and now my chance of getting a good deal on black friday is ruined and it only happens 1 time a year.  Add that to the time and effort spent.  I have to find out if I can exchange it being its been opened.   

What's DOS?
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Re: Best Buy sold me two Lenovo notebooks without left speakers!

I didn't buy the Lenovo laptop and even I'm upset just by reading this. There's no question that this is a false advertising issue. I suppose if it wasn't, Best Buy can sell a laptop without a touchpad because since you can use a USB mouse, that's not really a "necessary" component. Or maybe they can omit the the RAM slot cover, who looks at the bottom of the laptop anyway... How about a keyboard without the Del key? Just use backspace!


However to be honest, I don't think anything will be done unless there is a class action lawsuit. Filing in California seems best to me since there are stronger consumer protection laws there.

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Re: Best Buy sold me two Lenovo notebooks without left speakers!

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You know who write the history books? The winners. So when Mark the Moderator comes with a datasheet that was just created 25 minutes prior in Microsoft Word (cut and paste it here) and try to pacify us with a bill of goods, I'm suppose to say thanks Mark, you're awesome? I was born at night but not last night. Many people in this world may believe anything anyone tells them without second guessing it but not I. It wasn't a typo, misprint, etc it was blatant disrespect to get one over on the consumer. If this "datasheet" was authentic why did it take him so long to sought out the issue. As soon as Lenovo saw the post about one speaker they should've reviewed the datasheet. Not this back and forth and waiting and see if the mob is going to die down. 


Maybe Lenovo logic is that people have lives and their not going to continue this any further. Yea I do have a life but I take it personal when corporations try to bamboozle me. It's the morality, audacity and principle that gets under my skin. So I guess next year Black Friday the laptops may not have a keyboard we can use a virtual one or no touchpad, use a mouse (like someone previously stated).


For the ones that say "it's a great deal", "$180 Hallelujah", "we got Windows 7 not home but Premium" and we should be thankful that the Best Buy and Lenovo powers to be bestowed upon us the G575. From someone who have a B.S. in Computer Engineering that have one DIMM Slot is a big deal; You have Ram then virtual memory and it swaps and page and etc. I studied how all these things work. And you know what happens when you have one power outlet in your house and you have an extension cord that you plug everything into? There's a higher chance that you're going to overload that circuit and you can imagine what happens next. How long does an average laptop last these days? two years or four if you are lucky. That's called MTTF (mean time to failure). Products are designed (on purpose) to last for a period of time so that the consumer can go out and purchase a new one. So when your OS (operating system) is accessing one DIMM Slot, that's a lot of load and your MTTF increases (which is not a good thing). And in today's world the internet and desktop applications need more ram to function. It's like why give us a 64 bit system if we can't utilize it to it's full potential with 8 GB of ram. it cost them nothing to put in the extra slot. One of two things is going to happen; one - the laptop is going to die sooner than later and the consumer will attribute that to the doorbuster deal of $180 or two - as applications require more ram you will say it's time to get a new one. So since you spent a year or two restarting your Lenovo laptop and every time you see Lenovo when Windows load and windows update and you never change the background image and in the Left hand corner you see Lenovo and you still have those shiny stickers you never took off that says "vision amd" and "windows 7" you are going to walk into best buy and buy another Lenovo. That's what they are banking on.


Oh and the one speaker. I don't have a degree this but logically it's reasonable to believe that if sound is coming out of one speaker (the right one) that means that my left ear have to (for lack of a better word) struggle to hear the sound. It may be negligible to the human but overtime if this laptop miraculously last over four years you will notice your hearing got worse. But then Lenovo can attribute that to old age. So when you are getting a hearing aid in your early 50s don't be surprise. 


Again, like I said and I suggest it to others, call Lenovo like Textbook did and get them to install the speaker. But wait why would they do that and continue to do it for Textbook if Mark the Moderator copied and pasted the datasheet that show it was made with only one speaker. Sounds fishy to me. Why replace something if there isn't an issue (Lenovo perspective) and Lenovo have no liability.


 Instead of having unhappy consumers, woudn't it be wise to just pony up the speaker and have customers who will possibly consider purchasing a Lenovo product as opposed to having a customer who will never contemplate getting a Lenovo. This is how the world works:


Friend, Family, Stranger: How's that Best Buy laptop working out?

Me: well I didn't get what I paid for. I was expecting two speakers but only got one. Expecting two ram slots but only one.

Friend, Family, Stranger: HAHAHAHAH LOL LOL LOL

Me: yea hard to believe right? one speaker? who does that?

Friend, Family, Stranger: Thanks for the info.

Me: yea I ain't buying Lenovo again.


Now my Friend, Family, Stranger goes to their home or workspace and tell someone about the ordeal and it spreads exponentially. But I guess only time and sales will tell Smiley Wink

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