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Black screen when turn-up the laptop

Bottom line: when turn up the laptop - its sound like in work but the display not working.


There were an escalate at the laptop situation, there are the details:

1. I have n-200 type 0769

2. It came with WIN VISTA but I had installed WIN7

3. The first Symptom I had is that when I wake it up from 'sleep' it upload and recommended a recovery.

4. The recover ended but I couldn't succeed to upload it - it restart itself.

5. Tried to 'load from last successful  upload' - didn't work

6. Insert WIN7 disk to format it and reinstall the OS

7. Format succeeded but while the installation the laptop sticke

8. Try to restart it - and since then the display not working at all.

9. The screen is turning on but the display is black.


The only thing that didn't went well at the last time I worked with it - was that I've insert DOK and my antivirus detected a malware.

At first I thought that this was the problem - but now when the display not working im not sure that it is connect to the problem


someone have any idea?


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Re: Black screen when turn-up the laptop

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Things to try:

  • Use an external monitor  to probe that VGA card.
  • Take out the hard disk an power on.
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Re: Black screen when turn-up the laptop

On the Lenovo 3000 N200 0769, an external monitor will show nothing unless and until the laptop's internal graphics adapter driver/software has been configured to use both the internal and external displays simultaneously.  I believe the default setting of the laptop is to show only the internal display - so if your internal display is blank, you may not be able to set up an external display.

    In addition the POST information is never displayed on the external monitor, only on the internal one.   The first steps of the windows boot process will not display externally either.   My N200 will display the dialog to allow one to log in using the fingerprint reader on both monitors at the same time.  

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