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Cant I even expect 1 year life from my Lenovo 3000 N100 Laptop battery


I have always been big fan of IBM, infact when Lenovo was launched I very enthusiastically recommended it to everyone.

Finally when I could afford my first laptop I didn't hesitate to buy a Lenovo product it was a N100 notebook model 0768-A39.

I purchased it in March 2007. However my joy died soon, it died with the battery. Though I would not say that battery backup was unsatisfactory, in fact I oulasted many of my colleagues at work; But in December 2007 just 9 months after purchase, the battery just died one day, no backup none at all. With erratic power supply being the hallmark of the region I live in (Kashmir) I couldnt work at all. Called lenovo support and they said I would get a battery after 1 month and that too at a service centre a days journey by road from my location  and they insisted that I would have to bring my laptop along too.

Anyways, finally after waiting for a month I got a call from the service center that my battery had come, but they gave me 48 hours to report or they will have to send it back.You can imagine travelling from my place the next day to the service centre (at Jammu) reaching at 6 in the evening and running to the center with my laptop. They were closing so asked me to come the next morning. I did and my battery was replacd in 2 minutes and I could leave.

I returined home tired yet relieved that my laptop was perfect now. The centre people had told me that it was a fluke that lenovo batteries of this lot suffered from and the new battery will give backup at least for 3 years; even if enought to just turn off the laptop in its 3rd year (which I know many of my friends with HP, compaq and Vaio laptops say too)

My whole point in narrating this story is not to drag my point but to reinforce that one mistake or fluke is pardonable or overlook-able. I was back to my love for lenovo products. IN fact I made one of my friends buy a similar laptop (with dual core though) in spring of 2008.


However 15 days back just after 11 months of life the 2nd battery died too, as suddenly as the first. And this time the lenovo centre says I will have to pay. In thousands, almost one seventh of the price of the laptop the day I bought it.


I am lost at what to do, pay that amount for another 11 months of battery backp.... it comes to Rs 600 per month at that rate, I feel these days one could rent a laptop.


Is it practical to pay RS 600 (or $15 - for those who prefer US currency) a month to continue enjoying your laptop.


I am just thinking of selling it off and not buying LENOVO again, not for a long long time at least...


DOES LENOVO HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY EXCEPT THE LINE THAT "batteries are consumable items......blah blah and industry standards are 1  year) WHICH WE ALL KNOW IS NOT TRUE. 


Batteries like us humans, die a slow natural death of fatigue with diminishing backup time. A sudden deathe, likewise, is an accident and raises questions and needs answers.




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Re: Cant I even expect 1 year life from my Lenovo 3000 N100 Laptop battery



Apologies for your troubles.  Certainly we would like to keep you as a valued Lenovo customer, and restore your loyalty and confidence in the purchase you made.


I've sent you an email and will see what can be done to help you...


Best regards,




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Re: Cant I even expect 1 year life from my Lenovo 3000 N100 Laptop battery

I'd love it if someone could help me as well.  My 2nd battery has just started randomly powering off even while showing 50% capacity left.  It now lasts only 20-30 minutes and that's in a power save scheme.  I am really disappointed in this machine.  I too bought a Lenovo because it was supposed to be so much better than the others.  13 months after purchase my hard drive started telling me it was about to crash....but that's another story.


Please tell me there is some way I can get a new battery and continue using this machine.  I mean it's less than 2 years old.



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